The All Stars

Hello again everyone and Happy Friday!!

Throughout my year of blogging, there are certain posts that stood out amongst the rest. These posts got the most likes, the most attention to this day. I called these My All Stars. This might be too much to gloat over since my intentions on blogging is not getting the most likes or attention but the richness of my contents. Nevertheless, let me break the rules and put these blog greats on tap.

Let me start by the reintroduction to my blog in a nutshell. This blog is an extention of myself, my lifestyle and my beliefs. It’s self help, sharing of information, promotions and online opportunities. Now here are My All Stars.

This blog is all about to reintroduce myself to those who had missed the real meaning behind my blog. So glad a lot of people tend to acknowledge this and participated according.

There is nothing more gratifying than to show proof for credibility to my opportunities. Proof indeed with a twist.

This is an incite to what happened throughout the year now that the year is ended. A read on the the ups and downs throught the year.

What I am saying here is, why start from scratch when you can begin your opportunity with an head start. I am willing to pay you to start by you clicking on my links.

This post is really weird but true. It’s all about the collaboration of both of my blog sites. It’s a promotion of one to another. A must read..

There are many more to mention here but as I said earlier in my introduction, I write not for likes, but for interaction and getting my message across.

Below are exerps from a few posts over the course of the years. If they sound familiar to you, thanks. If not, please go back and check out my blog site.

It has been almost a year since the Pandemic. At first times were tough. This big city felt like a ghost town at the moment, but so far, it’s a little better now. It will be a while before we can get back to normal. I am happy for those who made it this far but sad for those or their love ones who didn’t make it. Who would have thought this would happen. We have to expect the unexpected. Prayer helps. We all need prayer...

I never believed that I ever purposely post contents that were in violation of Facebook’s community standards. Lately, if my content is flagged, I let it stay that way then move on to sharing other contents. I believe in the sensitivity of others in these times where most people are sensitive to contents where they believe it may go against their personal ethics. You will never see me posts violence, race, politics where I believe it may make others uncomfortable...

Ok. So what are you in the mood for? As for myself, it’s depending on various factors. It may be the time of day or the weather, how much spending money I have on hand, if I had something to eat or my mental state of mind. maybe you are in the mood for love, simple because you were near someone. As I was writing this, I was in the mood for some chicken. Popeyes came to mind, simple because they were near me...

These are just a few. I am really having fun blogging as you can tell. Some serious, some hilarious, some goofy and some down-to- earth contents which comes from the heart. I thank you in advance for reading this. I thank you always for your support.

Have a great weekend.


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