Blogging in my blog

Another week is here my friends.

Let’s talk a little about the pandemic and the ease that New York City has on it’s residents on social distancing and the wearing of masks. Most establishments no longer scan folks for entering them…capacity is now jammed in restaurants and bars due to the fact that residents are vaccinated by the numbers they projected, deeming it safe to do so…Let me repeat…numbers that are projected. What about those who aren’t and don’t want to vaccinate? Some people are walking around as if they are vaccinated, not wearing a mask nor caring about social distancing in the first place. But who’s checking. In the news, there is a new strain out there and still not safe for those not given the vaccine. Again, who’s checking. I’ve noticed some venues where you have to show proof of vaccination before you can enter. You are then seated according to your vaccination status. Well kudos to that. That is only an isolated case since common sense is not so common these days. This is my blog and these are only my views on this.

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Blogging x two

Talk about blogs….
I came across this blog site I first set up I believe in 2014 that was never used and left in “forgotten land”. I believe I started this free site at first then decided to go for a more [rounded out… more features]… one that I paid for but no longer could maintain. Well, maintenance lasted about five years. Now I started to blog again, using a paid site..but this paid site is way cheaper and better than the paid site I last had . I learned one thing. Sometimes cheaper can be better. But two blog sites? Why? Let me repeat. Cheaper can be better. Cheaper x two is a super deal.

Working in tandem

I’ve seen people having multiple web and blog sites. They promote, sell and talk about everything. Not so sure if they are doing this all for fun or for monetary gain since blogging works best in your area of expertise. If they are experts in many things, that’s great. But that is them. To make writing easier, I stick to only one genre which is huge. Since my genre is making a living or a life on your mobile devices, (if that’s even a genre)(more a theme), it’s very hard not to find something to blog about. What about self-help and current events(that’s more like it),  the possibilities are endless. I blog freestyle. I pick a topic and off I go. No planning. Minimal researching. I barely edit my work. For those who actually read my blogs can only see my errors. You may have to go back and really really read my blogs..wink,wink! I call that other blog site my “blogger to go”. It’s a more shorter storied version of this site. Same theme. Shorter version. Because of this, working both sites in tandem will come as easy as pie. By the way this shorter version of my blog is getting so much attention where I don’t have a choice but to revive it. Check it out. It is

Blogging in my blog

I’ve used excerpts from other people’s blog in my blog. Many other bloggers do this. Be careful. Make sure to it that the author gets credited. It just like saying, “Dear author, thanks for letting me share your contents which make my blog more informative”. Then again, God forbid, your blog should get flagged with negative criticisms. It’s your escape from taking the full blame for posting it…or getting all the credits thereof. Can I go wrong if I use my “blogger to go” to share contents within this blog? Or vice versa? Not at all.

Here is what you will find in my “blogger to go”. Links and clicked on banners: This blog site is free to maintain but I still need to promote another items to market. Free is really never free since I still need to pay a monthly fee to keep my devices active. Love to share those pay applications to put some extra money in your pockets and to promote, promote, promote much more. So far you will not see advertising such as Google ads on this site. Maybe in the future that will happen. You will not see long and winding post like this one on my “blogger to go” either.

I’m so fortunate to have found this blog site. With this, the possibilities are endless. I assure you that I would have never created another blog site if this one was not found. “My blogger to go”, the extension of me and what I do online but a little more in depth. The choice is…whether to tell my long story and as the saying goes, “to make my story short…..” Blogging in my blog

Thanks for reading my blog this week until next week, God’s will. Enjoy the weekend everyone.


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