“Cheap” Financial Officer(CFO)

Here is the plan. You can build your empire with lots of cash on hand, or, just build cheaply. I chose cheap. Well, as for now, I have no empire but that's beside the point. Other people's money One of the main reasons most refuse to build their own business is the thought that they … Continue reading “Cheap” Financial Officer(CFO)

Beggars’ Not Choosers

First and foremost, I will like to congratulate El Salvador for becoming the first country in the world to accept Bitcoin(BTC) as a legal tender. This is also the first time for any cryptocurrency.  This is huge. This is a bold move, since many more countries and provinces will be watching and taking notes. We … Continue reading Beggars’ Not Choosers

Blog of excuses!!!

For the first time, I came up with what to write two days late. I was busy, even that's no excuse. The deal is I have to start writing and posting by my set deadline, so that I can continue with my life of doing other tasks for the week as well. I'm now back … Continue reading Blog of excuses!!!