Working from my devices

Mobility is key for me. Being able to work on the go gives me more flexibility to do more. My device of choice. My mobile phone.

How it all started

I used to travel from home to work by train and then by bus. The total commute will take over two hours both ways each day. I was constantly on my phone. I play games. I surf the web. Listen to music. Anything to past the time to make my commute more tolerable. All my activities on my phone was done just for entertainment only and not for payment. Sounds familiar? I never though of getting paid for this until a stroke of luck. I clicked on an invitation to make money on my phone by doing all the things I’ve always done for free. First they were games then surveys. I was skeptical at first but I gave it a go. That was many years ago and to this day I never looked back.

Looking serious getting paid listening to music
Instagram photo 2016

Weird but true for apps

I was never too serious doing what I am doing working from apps from my phone. I was just doing this for fun and to supplement my income. Since..what I was doing were things I was already doing anyway….It becomes natural. A lot of people around me thought it was strange to make money this way..even as I started to share my progress. I knew that there were a lot of money to be made here and without any of my own money inspite the sceptics. Investments including Cryptocurrency made me a true believer. One of my fastest ways to make money online is by investing in cryptocurrency.

Crypto was pure luck. Never knew what it was until I decided to take my first payment in bitcoins as an option. Bitcoins weren’t even as popular during that time. I later got hooked, found an app for that and never looked back. To this day Cryptocurrency is my main source of investment. (During the past economic disasters, I made all my profits on stocks and ETFs)

Social Media

Thanks to social media. Being able to share my progress here helped me a lot. Pages, groups and my first blog site a few years back really set the tone and gave me the confidence and mostly from my mobile phone. Apps simplify my life. I can do lots more on my phone than on any other devices while on the go.

Mining for Crypto July 2020
Instagram photo

I don’t own a desktop nor a laptop anymore. I have an outdated tablet I no longer use. I just use my mobile phones. And those apps for everything.

  • Let no one tell you what you’re doing won’t work. Unless they have an alternative.
  • Never give up on what you love. Never lose faith.
  • When you’re having a crappy day. Still go the extra mile.
  • Always stick to the game plan.
  • Have fun.

Have a great day everyone😀

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