“Take that to the bank!!”

I won't , I can't.. and I will not save. Simple. I don't save. Saving money is not my thing. Don't judge. I speak for me. Will explain further for those who are thinking. "What's up with this guy" Those rainy days Have you noticed the amount of rainfall we've been having in the Northeastern … Continue reading “Take that to the bank!!”

The Weekly Workout

🦋Hello everyoneHappy to see you here. I hope everyone's week been great so far. Heard in the news: Coinbase(cryptocurrency exchange) is going public this week and the first in crypto history. Who would have thought that cryptocurrency would be getting all this attention...not to say that everyone is still a believer...Let's do the numbers: Coinbase: … Continue reading The Weekly Workout

Working from my devices

Mobility is key for me. Being able to work on the go gives me more flexibility to do more. My device of choice. My mobile phone. How it all started I used to travel from home to work by train and then by bus. The total commute will take over two hours both ways each … Continue reading Working from my devices