Apps to share Part 2

Hello everyone

The movie theater in our area has finally been reopened. I saw a movie in a movie theater in over a year. It was a lot different. The social distancing, the wearing of masks and the scantily inside, made this experience a little weird but safety was the main issue there. The movies were great. Saw two movies one last Saturday and another on Sunday at different theatres and felt great knowing that I am now able to go back to the big screen excitement.

Also…The third and final stimulus check was signed off and distributed to help Americans to get back on their feet. Another way the Government will assist to jump start the economy due to the pandemic. Also, more people are vaccinated and the vaccine will be readily available to every American real soon.

It’s obvious that we are moving ahead slowly to normalcy but to actually get back to pre pandemic, I believe this may take some time. What about our financial health? Are the jobs coming back? What about the unemployment issues and the means to put food on our tables? There has got to be a way since there will be no more stimulus money to receive.

Heard on the news that these stimulus checks given to individuals will be placed in the banks by many and remain there as savings. Saving the money will not jump start the economy. Spending it will. They want people to spend it and spend it all. Ok… So let’s shop.

UniqPaid - online rewards program

There is a smart way to shop. Being frugal works for me. I don’t “penny pinch” but I surely respect the value of a dollar. I don’t believe in going after sale or discount prices but I will put away the cash the retailers claim I saved. Confused? Then see my post When “common cents” make dollars.

I will be sharing some apps that you will be able to put some extra cash in your pockets so that you can further stretch out those stimulus checks. *See my special link at the end for extra incentives for downloading each apps

1. Fetch Rewards

I use Fetch Rewards to snap my receipts after I shop. You can snap any receipts with this app but you will get more points if the item(s) purchase has a specific point value that will give you extra points. To get these extras, it would help if you make a list within the app to see what those offers are. There are categories to choose from including brands or special offers. Redeem those points for gift cards, example: Amazon, Starbucks, Dunkin Donut and many more. You can also redeem for magazine prescription and sweepstake entries. You can also refer a friend for extra points. This app is so easy to use. You just snap. Get the points and you are ready to go. Points comes so easy. The more you snap is the more you earn. Check it out.

2. CheckPoints

With CheckPoints you can snap receipts as well for points. You can scan bar codes in stores by location, answer surveys, play games and refer friends. Points can then be exchanged for PayPal, Amazon, Walmart or other gift cards.

3. CoinOut

With this app you snap receipts. The difference between the above apps is that you get dollars and not points for snapping receipts. You can sign in on offers in stores and online, refer your friends and get cash for signing on offers within the app. There is a minimum of $20 to cash out for Paypal.

Using all three gives you power. It’s three times the points and dollars. I make the most money on volume. I test and tried multiple free apps over the years and keep getting paid over a over again. These are the extra free money in my pocket most by not even doing any work. These apps I share with everyone. The others are not even mentioned ever and surely had poor reviews.

Let me share a bonus app to introduce you to some free cryptocurrency.

Free Bitcoin Cash

Here is a free app to earn free bitcoin cash every hour. All you do is spin and receive coins every hour. You can get tons of coins every hour, plus you can earn on offers, play games and get those coins at anytime they are available. You get paid automatically every Tuesdays if you are at the payout threshold. You will get there so easily. For payment. Download or sign up with Coinbase, a Cryptocurrency buy and sell platform and register your wallet to have coins sent there for payment. Get your bitcoin wallet at Coinbase. Extra bonus: Download Free Litecoin app. You can find that within the Free Bitcoin app as an offer as well. Get your Litecoin wallet address at Coinbase as well for payment when linked correctly. Use both apps and with Coinbase you can still buy and sell tons of other Cryptocurrency coins as well.

I wish every one and their family health and wellbeing throughout the year. Below are the links to download the apps.

Have a great day😀

To download CheckPoints enter awhitely65 in the referral section

Click or copy and paste to download CoinOut

Shop anywhere. Snap every receipt. Earn FREE gift cards! 🎉 Sign up for Fetch with my code “UW5GQ” and get 2,000 points when you snap your first receipt #ShareFetchRewards

Download below for Free Bitcoin Cash, Free Litecoin and Coinbase

1. Free Bitcoin Cash

2. Free Litecoin

3. Hi – I’ve been using Coinbase which makes it really easy and safe to buy, sell, and store digital currency (like Bitcoin). Sign up now and get $10 of free Bitcoin when you buy or sell at least $100 of digital currency. Claim your invite now: Let me know if you need help, Ainsford Whitely

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