My mindset/quotes & motivation

The early bird catches the worm…Not that I’m trying to catch anything, but I’m usually up at or about five o’clock each morning, even if I have nowhere to go. Why? I believe my mind is just programmed to do so. I start the conventional job early in the morning (not at five o’clock) thank heavens, but I seem to have lots of energy very early in the morning. Being indoors helps especially on the weekends and holidays since I can go back to bed after a “crash” for a nap and finish off what needed to be done much later.

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The mind is a terrible thing to waste…I don’t believe in wasting time. I am too busy with focusing on juggling between the job and my own dreams and goals. Why waste my time on matters unrelated to this. My mind is a terrible thing to waste. So is yours.

Knowledge is power….sure. I believe that everyone is born to do great. Unless unfortunately you were born with defects that deter your progression in life. I’ve come across, work with, average people who are like walking encyclopedias. Personal growth. Zero. What’s the use… I believe the saying should be… Knowledge is power, applied knowledge is better.

Time is money… impossible. They are separate entities. I believe this is geared to the workforce where you get paid by the hour. This phase is placed in our minds as these are one and the same. Money is replaceable. Time is not.

Negative energy is all around us. It’s natural. Being caught up in negative and unnecessary activities is so easy to get caught up into. Getting caught up in job, family, and other people’s issues that needed your listening ear. What would you do if your best friend, spouse, co-worker or acquaintances needed your insights? Would you shun them off? Or would you listen? What if these matters affect your goals and your dreams? Or, you no longer can concentrate on your own that really matters? Dream killers? Nice people are bountiful. But unknowingly or unintentionally they can kill your dreams.

Motivation…life is a great motivator. I’m self learned. Self motivated. I believe I work better alone even though I tried with others in the past.  My Ideas will come from working out, listening to music, even taking a shower. I get more done when I am in charge and alone… But…let me add this.. Interdependence involves a balance of self and others within the relationship, recognizing that both partners are working to be present and meet each other’s physical and emotional needs in appropriate and meaningful ways. Gimme some “a” that” 😆 well…Let’s partnered up.

Preparation..So as I start my early morning routine after a long or not so long slumber, positive energy is created. I can do my work. I can brain- storm. I can now plan ahead. Be spiritual and mentally prepared. What lies ahead lies ahead. I am prepared for the best or the worst. The only person to get in my way should be myself.

Are you a morning person?

Have a great weekend everyone 😃


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