The Weekly Workout

🦋Hello everyone
Happy to see you here. I hope everyone’s week been great so far.

Heard in the news: Coinbase(cryptocurrency exchange) is going public this week and the first in crypto history. Who would have thought that cryptocurrency would be getting all this attention…not to say that everyone is still a believer…Let’s do the numbers: Coinbase: January- March 2021, they made $1.8b in revenue..more than all they made in 2020 and 9x more than they made the same quarter the year before….. Impressive… Coinbase was featured on my blog↗️ Apps to share Part 2 just in case you need to sign up to get a bonus. Check it out.

Getting my act together

My workload has been strained lately and I’m in the process of formulating a plan.

🚶🚶🚶Let’s start with my weekly walking/exercise routine. Usually I would do a “two-miler” more or less and share weekly, but I’m behind as of late. Even though I do short walks everyday, that’s not worth sharing. No one wants to see me walking to the corner store on my off day to grab a bite. I love to share walks in the parks, tracks or trails. These are more share worthy. I’m been consistently using various health related applications. These apps allows me to answer health related questions and also will also send me health related topics to read as well, track my movements and monitor my vital signs…for payment of course. I am working on being more consistent in doing more major walking at least weekly. This week I had a nice walk, say about two miles. Great. Need to keep it moving. Literally 🚶🚶💰

📨📨Catching up on emails were a mess. I used to be backed up so bad that I used to miss out on a lot of money making opportunities. If I miss the deadline, it’s lost opportunity. I used to be back up for months at a time, not counting spam mails. Spams are separated from my important emails. Now I’m cleaning out my inbox(s) daily. Reading and deleting those emails I don’t need…📨📨💰

🌅Getting up at 5am seven days a week is still the norm. My end time on weekdays is 1pm. Weekends times varies. All those hours will likely be changed at will… unlike my job, I’m the boss here. I choose when I want or need to work and I cannot fire myself. Ever ⏰…Never🛌💰💰

✍️Blogging at least once a week is an intregal part of what I do weekly. Everything has to be fitted in place if I believe I need to have a successful day, week and month. Managing my time well is essential to what I do. I cannot fall in love with any one thing, just need to treat each thing I do with respect…..and yes…have some fun doing it🤸🤸‍♀️🎾

📖 Reading others blogs, social media posts and other groups posts is now a part of my daily routine. I have joined many more groups of like minded folks as of late…hey, you never know what you can learn here today for your growth tomorrow🔎

⬇️Check this out…you will be amazed⬇️

Putting it all together

This plan is all I got. Whether or not I stick to it is entirely up to me. I believe it will work. Will change it up here and there if necessary. At least I got something to work with. Since the newest member of my network is my blog, I can put it all together. I don’t believe it is the final piece of the puzzle but so far so good.

🦋How you plan your time is entirely up to you. There are no wrong or right here as long as you got a plan. I am hoping to learn a lot more from you now and in the near future. In the mean time…I need to get back to work🚶🌅🎾🤸‍♀️📨✍️📖🧐⏰🛌💰💰

Have a great rest of the week everyone

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