“The word from our sponsors”

Hello everyone. Another week is here. Hope yours is doing great so far. I’ve just being busy as usual but I ended up resting a lot over the weekend.

In the news…

Now everyone in the US is eligible to get the Covid vaccine. This week New Jersey is the final State in our Tri-state area to make this law in step with the deadline to make this mandate. I don’t believe that we are out of the woods as yet but we are all taking baby steps. Stay safe everyone🤗


“So you are watching your favorite show…a soap perhaps. It reached a point where you are drenched  in cold sweat; you could have been crying; I don’t know for sure. It is the pivoted moment. You will finally know the outcome..then came the dreaded moment….IT IS TIME FOR A COMMERCIAL. What would be more sad, is that after the commercial that particular scene will not aired until the next episode. You will have to wait to see what happens next. You’re been hooked, lined and sinkered for sure. Unless you are on a commercial free, taped or at the cinema, commercials will always pop up out of nowhere.

I was watching a game show…“and the winner is……”Yes” I said.. “finally…” then….the voice..“STAY TUNED AFTER THE COMMERCIAL I closed my eyes for a second, fell asleep, woke up. Game’s over… not even knowing who won.

“Stay tuned. We will be right back after a word from our sponsors”

I used to watch those soaps courtesy of family and former close friends a very long time ago. I don’t even watch television as much but will occasionally go to the movie theater instead.

It is so strange to see these advertisements on the inside and outsides of buses and trains on mobile applications; for instance, banking and investments apps that weren’t even there a few years ago. These applications are also on billboards and everywhere else to be seen by anyone. That is advertising for you-to you.

Television commercials are still my favorite. Love the funny ones. These are so engaging.

⬇️Major breakthrough…watch this⬇️
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Since the rollout of the Covid vaccines, they are using celebrities and public figures to promote your wellness. They figured out that if these people are using it or doing it…you should as well. [It’s safe for them; so it’s safe for you?] Don’t think so, it’s a way for promoting or endorsing a thing or a process because people are so “starryeyed” and so in love with these celebrities and publix figures and that they will listen or follow them..forever.

Professional sport teams wear sponsers on their sleeves..literally. They are getting the big bucks for endorsing these brands..so why not. If you are a Ford’s dealer driving a Chevy…..well, you look silly.

I’m never the one to purchase an item or a process due to the endorsements of others. I find myself trying a product mainly because of curiosity other than who is endorsing it.

The internet

Pop up..pop under..videos..banners… Everywhere you surf there are some form of advertisement. But be mindful of the fact that revenues come from advertising on the web. Social Media is quite the same. You might wonder, who pay their bills. Thanks in part to ads, Social media can make their service free to anyone. Sometimes I wonder. If social media were a paid service, would people be so anxious to join? 🤔Let me repeat…thanks in part to ads

There are lots of negative comment on applications that pays you for surfing the web, listen to music, take surveys, etc. The most common is…there are too many ads. At first it was annoying to me but as I get to understand the reason behind those ads; and since I’m also involve online, I greatly accepted it. Some of those ads help me to build a huge network on and offline by just clicking on them and signing up.

The new breakthrough in advertising is that advertising can be tailor-made for each individual’s needs based on their surfing habits, profile or otherwise. This method works better since the ads you see are what you can associate with.

Lessons learned

I first learned marketing by my involvement in affiliate marketing. Had my first website made to sell products and services. Even before the popularity of the internet, we made cold calls, handed out business cards, set up meetings with prospects, show the business plan and expand business by “word of mouth”. We had the “grind out- hit the pavement” style of advertising. The ones who gets the rewards were the ones who worked the hardest. I said “we” because we were place in teams according to who your sponsor and your sponsor’s sponsor and so on and we work as teams. It was hard work but we got positive results. We are in the digital age now and advertising becomes easier. All it takes is one click of a button. To this day, I still occasionally hand out business cards.

Have a great rest of the week everyone

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