Hidden Agenda

We all know that your profile says a lot about you. People like to know your likes and dislikes, what music you listen to, the books you read, the movies you love, etc. You can tell your brief story to the world without even giving away details. Well, in the world of profiling on the … Continue reading Hidden Agenda

Blogging in my blog

Another week is here my friends. Let's talk a little about the pandemic and the ease that New York City has on it's residents on social distancing and the wearing of masks. Most establishments no longer scan folks for entering them...capacity is now jammed in restaurants and bars due to the fact that residents are … Continue reading Blogging in my blog

Tools of the trade

Invest in yourself Let me start by saying, "Pay Yourself First" I learned this in my first few years in the MLM business. It is hard these days to pay yourself first in dollars before paying the bills. We usually keep the left over dollars after paying expenses, that is, if there are any left … Continue reading Tools of the trade