“Set yourself free”

Hi everyone and welcome to a new week. Yes folks, time is moving quickly indeed. Just trying to catch up on my blogging date is a challenge withing itself. So far I'm holding on. I never missed a date. Talking about dates, I probably mentioned somewhere in my six months of blogging that I love … Continue reading “Set yourself free”

Walking in my shoes 2

So we got the remnants of Hurricane Ida in our area. Heavy rain and flooding. Subway, trains and buses were at limited service. Sorry for the loss of life and damages done. We have had lots of rainfall this season, but this was the only time so far that our transportation system was affected this … Continue reading Walking in my shoes 2

“Games people play”

People love to play games. They love to play mind games too. So despicable and crude. "Yow playa!!". Fortunately I'm talking about actual games people play, but unfortunately they play for free. Well free if they are not into gambling with real money for real money. Welcome to my blog. I'm doing something new today … Continue reading “Games people play”

A little peace and quiet

IN THE NEWS: I heard that New York will require proof of vaccination in indoor restaurants and gyms.... Some employers are requiring that all their employees be vaccinated....There are penalties like higher health insurance for those who are not vaccinated..... A booster shot is said to be mandated in a few months or much sooner … Continue reading A little peace and quiet

“Paying close attention”

Hello everyone. So I haven't been paying close attention to what's happening in the news media as of late. I love to at least keep you up to speed on what's happening whether in stocks, politics or any other news tidbits that's worth sharing in my blog to start things off. More like a conversational … Continue reading “Paying close attention”

Blame it on the weekends

Hello everyone. Hope everyone's week went well and prosperous. Hope you are all safe by keeping withing the guidelines mandated by your local governments on the coronavirus and the other strains out there. Whether you believe these mandates will work or not, just keep yourselves safe by protecting yourselves and others around you. Let me … Continue reading Blame it on the weekends

🍀”Lucky me!!!”🍀

"You are so lucky" I've been told many times.  The ones who say that don't have a clue the pain, the struggles, the good times and the hard work leading to this. Luck has or may not have anything to do with it, maybe fate indeed. But where does luck fit in here.🍀"Luck favors the … Continue reading 🍀”Lucky me!!!”🍀

“Take that to the bank!!”

I won't , I can't.. and I will not save. Simple. I don't save. Saving money is not my thing. Don't judge. I speak for me. Will explain further for those who are thinking. "What's up with this guy" Those rainy days Have you noticed the amount of rainfall we've been having in the Northeastern … Continue reading “Take that to the bank!!”

Hidden truth

So I had an issue with getting a title for this blog. It took me days which is unheard of. Usually, I would pick a topic and write on it. This time I wrote without a topic because my words came to me suddenly. I don't like writing this way since a topic can be … Continue reading Hidden truth

Feeling Nostalgic

Hello to a new week everyone. I've read this lately that the highly successful people do the things everyday that are mundane if it always gives them results. The unsuccessful ones will not. Since the mundane things are really boring, the unsuccessful ones will try to find fun things to do instead. Fun things yielding … Continue reading Feeling Nostalgic

Blogging in my blog

Another week is here my friends. Let's talk a little about the pandemic and the ease that New York City has on it's residents on social distancing and the wearing of masks. Most establishments no longer scan folks for entering them...capacity is now jammed in restaurants and bars due to the fact that residents are … Continue reading Blogging in my blog

“Cheap” Financial Officer(CFO)

Here is the plan. You can build your empire with lots of cash on hand, or, just build cheaply. I chose cheap. Well, as for now, I have no empire but that's beside the point. Other people's money One of the main reasons most refuse to build their own business is the thought that they … Continue reading “Cheap” Financial Officer(CFO)

Beggars’ Not Choosers

First and foremost, I will like to congratulate El Salvador for becoming the first country in the world to accept Bitcoin(BTC) as a legal tender. This is also the first time for any cryptocurrency.  This is huge. This is a bold move, since many more countries and provinces will be watching and taking notes. We … Continue reading Beggars’ Not Choosers

Blog of excuses!!!

For the first time, I came up with what to write two days late. I was busy, even that's no excuse. The deal is I have to start writing and posting by my set deadline, so that I can continue with my life of doing other tasks for the week as well. I'm now back … Continue reading Blog of excuses!!!

Ode to The Philippines

Pulang Bato FallsDumeguete, The Philippines Believe it or not. My trips to the Philippines inspired me more to keep writing. Be mindful that I started my first blog site about a year before my first trip to The Philippines. Here are some of my photos and experiences from my trips to Manila, Dumeguete and Cebu, … Continue reading Ode to The Philippines

Tools of the trade

Invest in yourself Let me start by saying, "Pay Yourself First" I learned this in my first few years in the MLM business. It is hard these days to pay yourself first in dollars before paying the bills. We usually keep the left over dollars after paying expenses, that is, if there are any left … Continue reading Tools of the trade

The “Goal” Standards

Hello everyone. I hope everyone's week was productive, also safe and healthy as usual. So I finally got the Covid-19 vax. I never planned on getting vaccinated. It wasn't even in my thoughts. I though, staying healthy in mind and body would help to ward off this virus, and since I don't have any health … Continue reading The “Goal” Standards

Common Decency

I wrote on this topic years ago on my old blog site and I probably didn't save the post properly when I shut that site down. That post had long been deleted. Since we are still in the Covid 19 pandemic, I think I will write a few of those points down. It's been about … Continue reading Common Decency

Questions and Answers (Q&A)

Hello everyone. So I made my weekly post very early last week, well not intentionally, but doing that gave me enough time to complete tasks on my other projects and still able to concentrate on writing and posting today. I am going to change things up a bit this time but still keeping within my … Continue reading Questions and Answers (Q&A)

The driving factor

"The heights by great men reached and kept, were not attained by sudden flight. But they, while their companions slept, were toiling upward in the night" -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow I love this quote. I believe that it simply stated that for you to be great or successful, you need to put in the extra work … Continue reading The driving factor