When “common cents” make dollars

“So they are paying you pennies for doing that? right?”, I was surprised that she asked that question. “Uh,uh, sure, but….” Now I had to explain in details how money is really made there to set her mind at ease. No one wants to make pennies for doing tasks. I rank pennies alongside Mondays. Most don’t care for either. Pennies are toss on the streets that most don’t care to pick up. Pennies are offered in change jars at the counter for donations. I see some people just walk away when it is time for change and the cashier just toss the money in those jars. But these loose change can add up at day’s end.

Why do they keep those pennies in circulation? [Simon says]…. for change. Every purchase will have to be rounded off to the nearest dollar if it wasn’t for pennies. I believe this will help the corporation but hurt the consumer. Can you imagine your local retailers rounding every transition off to the nearest dollar? Or better yet, not giving you the pennies when you made a transaction. I can see chaos. Books would be off. Heads would roll(no pun intended)

I love my bank. It’s an online bank. It has the “save the change” concept. When you shop or make any other transactions, the balance is rounded off to the nearest dollar and is deposited to your savings account. I am also with another bank with the same concept, only that the balance goes to purchasing shares of stock. These small investments for both concepts really adds up quickly. I even adopted my own plan. I put away money from retailers who claims to give back “savings”, “sales”, “discounts” and others. I put those savings away in an account. It’s only “savings” if you put that money away. All these concepts can give you lots of extra money over time….

From this
To this

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Some online money making platforms do pay you little for doing tasks. Over time you will make more and more for loyalty to them. In other words, you start small, build trust and the real money will kick in. Consistency plays a bigger role. If you don’t learn patience, then you will just quit. Online reviews are good. Good if these companies are bad, bad if you just quit and lose your patience. See my previous post Apps to share Part 1 where my reviews are really good.

I learn how to turn those small earnings into bigger ones through affiliations, networking, consistency and a whole lot of patience where my greatest asset is patience. Pennies are a part of our currency exchange until our Government says good bye to them.

So before you go and throw those loose change away. Think first.

I know that it’s only physiological to have a paper dollar over four quarters. You will not stop to pick up loose change and will walk away from them at the counter. You woud toss them all in a wishing well and make a wish. Hopefully your wish will come through to change all those annoying loose change to instant cash.

Have a great day everyone ☺️

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