When loyalty hurts

Still hurting….Why? Thanks for asking.

The shorten version

Over three years ago, I’ve flown many miles from The USA to South East Asia. Three times. Round trip equals six times. I lost my miles. How? Again, thanks for asking. Forgot my password. Worst. The phone I had that application on was lost. They send me a text to that phone to retrieve my password which I no longer have. So I did a live chat (bot) with a customer service representative who in turn referred me to a manager  to no avail. I got frustrated. Then I re-enabled the application and started all over again. What a waste of time [travelled]. Started again from zero hurts a lot, well, but I believe I will be travelling many more miles when this Pandemic is over and flight restrictions are lifted. God’s willing.

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It’s not that complicated. Usually if you forget your password and you needed to retrieve or change it, all you have to do is use your phone details in my case, my email address. They may send you a link or code then you can continue on from that point. Spoiler alert!! I was locked out of my account by trying too many times with the wrong password. This [bot] then gave me the runaround.  Usually I would choose a similar service but I decided to stay onboard and try to be more careful next time.

Lost but not yet found

I’ve been careless for about two years or more. Last year I lost my mobile phone (above). Prior to that I’ve broken a few phones. To top that, I recently lost my wallet with all my identification inside…which hurts the most… the week before Christmas. “Ho,ho,ho..boy!!

I am finally getting all my Identification back including a brand new passport to travel to start my airline miles again from zero.

From hero to zero

Loyalty to brands has had it’s advantages. I’ve redeemed thousands of points for cash, goods and services over the years. It is not that I loved that brand to death, it was what I could get back from them in return. Losing all that for no rewards makes this loyalty hurts.

I will be fine. I have a reason for my carelessness. Being too busy all over the place. Busyness led to my carelessness. Now I won’t walk with all my identification in one place. License and other documents will be separated from each other. No important documents will be  place in my pants pockets when I go walking or jogging anymore. Cellphones will stay secure in cases or holster. I will be airline miles hero again.

It has been a pleasure to share this short displeasure with you… I’m still hurting.. Again… Thanks for asking.


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