My mindset/quotes & motivation

The early bird catches the worm...Not that I'm trying to catch anything, but I'm usually up at or about five o'clock each morning, even if I have nowhere to go. Why? I believe my mind is just programmed to do so. I start the conventional job early in the morning (not at five o'clock) thank … Continue reading My mindset/quotes & motivation

The Transition》》》》 In Grade School, my English Teacher once said that I was smart but lazy. She got it right. I had the mental aptitude for sure but at the time I was too lazy to put anything on paper. Even today, I still do not have the passion to put words on paper. Here is … Continue reading The Transition

When loyalty hurts

Still hurting....Why? Thanks for asking. The shorten version Over three years ago, I've flown many miles from The USA to South East Asia. Three times. Round trip equals six times. I lost my miles. How? Again, thanks for asking. Forgot my password. Worst. The phone I had that application on was lost. They send me … Continue reading When loyalty hurts