Walking in my shoes 2

So we got the remnants of Hurricane Ida in our area. Heavy rain and flooding. Subway, trains and buses were at limited service. Sorry for the loss of life and damages done. We have had lots of rainfall this season, but this was the only time so far that our transportation system was affected this … Continue reading Walking in my shoes 2

The Weekly Workout

🦋Hello everyoneHappy to see you here. I hope everyone's week been great so far. Heard in the news: Coinbase(cryptocurrency exchange) is going public this week and the first in crypto history. Who would have thought that cryptocurrency would be getting all this attention...not to say that everyone is still a believer...Let's do the numbers: Coinbase: … Continue reading The Weekly Workout

Walking in my shoes

Queensboro Bridge, NYC I love quotes. See my previous post My mindset/quotes & motivation Here is another one: Never curse a man until you walk in his shoes...then curse at him...you are now miles away and you are wearing his shoes. Ok...I don't believe you should curse anyone but this quote seems a bit funny. … Continue reading Walking in my shoes