“Cheap” Financial Officer(CFO)

Here is the plan. You can build your empire with lots of cash on hand, or, just build cheaply. I chose cheap. Well, as for now, I have no empire but that’s beside the point.

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Other people’s money

One of the main reasons most refuse to build their own business is the thought that they lack the money needed to start one. No money? No problem. Use other people’s money. Legally that is.

The first time that I ever decided to start a new venture, the idea was there but I needed funding. I had an idea for starting an investment group. Plan set. I formed a group. An LLC. Funds were poured in as the group grew and we strived for a while. Couldn’t have done it with my money alone.

In my early years in the Multilevel Marketing (MLM) business, I also used this method to fund my business. By way of affiliated marketing. I was virtually and physically selling items from soap to energy products to friends, family, co-workers and even to strangers. The sales I made help to further develop my business. Couldn’t have done that with my money alone.

These methods in separate and unrelated ventures, help to fund my businesses by using other people’s money but my own.

Any way money

Anyway money is the money that you will need to spend anyway. It may be to purchase groceries or the extra cash left over after paying the bills. Use this money to make more money. You have nothing to lose here but a lot to gain. Use some frugality. Shop through third party platforms. Get money back. There are shopping apps that gives you money back. Take the money. Invest it or throw it back in the shopping loop and keep repeating the process. You can use the profit made to fund your ventures.

I use anyway money to invest in stocks, bonds and cryptocurrency as well. I let the movement of the market make me the extra cash.

Applications and Platforms

I’ve used this method to this day to fund my projects. Little low on cash? I no longer beg nor borrow. I can take a few surveys. I can play a game or two. I can book a travel and workout using online coaching…basically anything any normal person would do online. As in the shopping method above, these activities I would and everyone else would have done anyway online. I just do them differently, and turn these anyway deeds into profits.

As in my blog’s theme. “Working from my mobile devices” states all the fundings I would ever need. Passively or otherwise. Please see Apps to share Part 1 and Apps to share Part 2 or taken from my other blog site…………………… https://ap24hoursonline.blogspot.com/2021/06/make-easy-money-featured-app.html or other related posts or links.

Bonuses and Tax Returns

I am going to share this for the first time. What started my quest to buy phones and turn them into cash machines? Better yet. Think business? Or business concepts? Change my ways of thinking? It was based on a specific holiday. The Christmas season. This is the season where they give you bonuses in your place of employment or at the beginning of the year, you guess it, your state or city tax return from the government. Everyone gets excited. Everyone feels rich. But just like your paycheck, you will have to wait to get it. I wanted to get these bonuses all through the year. This wouldn’t happen if I wasn’t in total control of my money. I still took the money but the waiting wasn’t painful. I get it when or if I get it was my mentality. This was the extra money that helps to fund my business ventures. This is one form of the “anyway money” that comes in once a year.

There were many years since I receive any tax refunds. That is fine. And if I never receive a bonus? You won’t see me crying like most people. I would have found any of the above methods to fund my ventures anyway. The plan. I give myself bonuses whenever I need to. Year round.

Creative side of you

Being too analytical (left brain), can cost you plenty. Saying you don’t have the money, won’t get you the money if you don’t act on it. Being creative(right brain), can find you ways of getting the money. You must take action. I think of and slept on creative ways to do things which yield great rewards for me in the past.

You are the CEO or CFO . You can be “Chief”,”Creative” or “Cheap”. Who cares? Whatever you do to fund your ventures , (legally), it is up to you.


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