Beggars’ Not Choosers

First and foremost, I will like to congratulate El Salvador for becoming the first country in the world to accept Bitcoin(BTC) as a legal tender. This is also the first time for any cryptocurrency.  This is huge. This is a bold move, since many more countries and provinces will be watching and taking notes. We will see who will join in on this history making occurrence. By the way, the vote was 62 to 22 in favor. A blowout victory.

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I am proud of this move. This is change. Lots of people do not like change. They are afraid of change. In the minds of entrepreneurs as myself, change is evitable if it’s a change for the better. The world is what it is today since most people are accustomed to doing the same things over and over again and expect change in the process. This won’t happen. This is madness. We have the right to choose in most countries and territories how we choose to live our lives. We can choose to stay with the crowd(average), or move on to being different. Remember, different is not changing your attire, your place of employment or residence. It’s the way you change your thinking process for good.  Chasing money as an employee, getting a raise every now and then, getting a title, getting a pat on the back for great work is just the average thing that most will aspire to do. I call that just average living. This is still doing the same things over and over with a little difference and expect change. Just taking what society or the system hands out to you and wishing for more is average thinking. It gives you no leverage. No strategy.  Because of this, most are still unhappy. Making money alone should not be to pay the bills. Especially if you are unhappy.

Happiness pays the bills

If you are not happy. Obviously there is a problem. Money alone will never solve this. Money helps a lot. There are still a high suicide rate with people with money. There are depressions. Greed. Drugs. Other health and mental issues.  The list is long and spiraling out of control. Being rich is one thing. Creating wealth is another. Wealth is a balance. Spiritual. Family. Riches. Work. All in balance. Unhappiness will totally break this cycle. Money can never cure unhappiness.

Money is not the root of all evil. The love of money is. Can I say greed is a deadly trait. Let’s look at a scenario at the workplace. Have you ever heard,”I won’t do this until they give me more money”. I bet you do. I do not remembering asking my employer for more money. Ever. Going above and beyond over the years in my job(s) has been a privilege. I do these extras for nothing extra. Never ask for more money. Why? Because I love what I do. Do the work first. Money will follow later. Here is what will happen with people who demands more money. They will forever, I repeat, forever ask for more. I am not happy because I do what I do. I do what I do because I’m happy. Happiness pays the bills.

Never ending process

Another thing is protesting. It will be always and forever. The rich or wealthy do not go out and protest on their own. It’s the average workers and the poor who are mainly participants in this, especially if money and healthcare are the main issues. You may get what you want in time. In time, it still will not be enough. This will be and forever be the way, when you are solely dependent on the system to take care of all your needs.

One person’s trash is another’s man’s treasure. Also, you can never please everyone. Being a politician is hard since pleasing one group will bring hate from another. We have to learn to work together. It’s a long process. Don’t expect to actually and forever get what you want from government or the system that is handed out to you. Take what you get or go out and create for your own selves.

“The hand me outs”

I had many instances where I was ask for food and/or money from beggars on the streets. Did you know that many ask for food or money where they rather get your money. Never sure that they are really hungry. I witnessed angry beggars tossing food in the trash when they received them. Food is never an option if you are very very hungry or thirsty. Tossing food, even if it’s not your favorite is absurd. It’s the same as what the systems’ handed out to you. The same as your paycheck. The same as the type of healthcare. The same as your benefits. You take it. Take it or trash it. Most will just take it. Angry or not.

You can only get what the systems’ handed out to you. Never expect more. Caps. Limits. No more. There are salary caps. Never expect to get more money than your industry will allow. Never expect to get paid more than your boss. The ones on top of the leadership board in your workplace get the most money. Not that them above you are smarter than you are. That will never change. Why limit yourselves? Well, it is comfortable. It is easy. It is not burdensome. Most are here. I never ask for more money since I know I will be limiting myself if I don’t go out and make it on my own.


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