Blog of excuses!!!

For the first time, I came up with what to write two days late. I was busy, even that’s no excuse. The deal is I have to start writing and posting by my set deadline, so that I can continue with my life of doing other tasks for the week as well. I’m now back on schedule. Welcomed to my blog of excuses.

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It was a very hot this past weekend and being out and about was terrible since trying to stay hydrated seemed to be a task at hand. I wanted a drink. Waiting by the food cart on this hot day in the park was horrible. The vendors weren’t moving fast enough. You can’t blame them. People need to plan ahead on what they want to eat or drink to keep these lines moving fast and stop to choose at the last minute. “Hey!!, you have lots of time standing in line to decide”.  “And people, what is your excuse to make your toddlers decide what they want to eat in these moments? Decide for yourself“. “Darn it!!”

Blog of excuses

Humans are so full of it…excuses that is. Let’s mention a few crazy ones and ones that seem so logical, even the ones making them will believe it is the truth indeed.

  • Let me consult with my wife/husband/significant other, then I will get back to you.

This is a classic. I remember during my early years involved in the MLM(Multi level marketing) business that I was told that I would get these from time to time. I got some. These are part of the rejections you will receive while building your businesses. Here’s the deal. You show what you have to offer to an individual. He/she is convinced. Now it is time for a decision. He/she says that the plan is great..but will have to get back to you after they consult with…..fill in the blanks. How can they consult with someone who hasn’t seen your wonderful plan? Even if they consult or not, most are talked out of an opportunity even by those who hasn’t seen the opportunity. And people, do not try to explain away that plan to your significant other. It’s better to take your consulting other half to see the plan on another schedule time, then both of you can make a decision. I had moments where I can get a second meeting with significant others and sometimes not. This can also applied to group meetings or seminars where only those who are present feel the excitement. It is best to schedule meetings with couples outright, saving you the headache of a cop out later on. By the way, that [I’ll get back to you deal], it’s  a way of saying, I like you, and just hate to directly say no to you. See ya!!…. “Yes siree!! I already know what they are up to. See ya as well Come to grips with excuses!! Humans are good at it.

  • I will Google it

Sure. Like Google is going to tell you how and when to invest in your life and quit your jobs and start your own businesses. No they won’t.  Google doesn’t care. They are only information hubs, not decision makers. I’ve come across many in the past who, after seeing my wonderful business plan, at decision time, to get Google’s input. Listen as the saying goes, Google the most sacred people in the world and you will get a multitude of bad reviews. And yes, I Googled this….. I Googled Jesus Christ and Mother Theresa, and I find many negative reviews. Wow!! If I’m involved in a business and you are basing your decisions on some negative input is definitely a cop out. You will find many negatives on their place of employment today, and the majority will never quit their jobs based on that. This is another way of saying no thanks to your deal without saying it. Another excuse. [Google that will ya!!!]

  • I don’t have the time

Sure. For my business plan. That is what is meant without saying it. We are all busy people here. Everybody is busy doing something or nothing. Don’t have time maybe a little too vague. In our 24 hour/7day a week days, I will very much understand..maybe you are too tired or too stressed. Just not ready for making a commitment. I wouldn’t tell a person to quit whatever they are doing to follow my plan. If they are willing to give up a little of their time is fine by me. You may have school, work or both. You can say that you don’t have the time for planning your future but can get caught up in planning a vacation or getaway while living from paycheck to paycheck which is very common amongst most people. Most do not have the time for you nor your business plan. Period! Folks, just quit the excuses!!

  • I have no money

If you have no money and you’re working, you are in serious trouble. Whatever the business plan shown definitely required your listening ear. People will come up with the cash if they needed it bad. The business plan may not be on their list. Vacations, tattoo sessions, party planning and going to the bar and clubs to hang out with friends are very popular, that’s why they will be mentally broke for your offers. Working for financial well being, well, not that important. If they told you they will get back to you after borrowing money from significant others, well, they “ain’t coming back“. Never. Please!!!Just quit the excuses!!!!

I’ve made up a few excuses in my lifetime but not that lately. I pressed on during the past recession with no excuses. My first blog site emerged and my first trips to South East Asia. Weathered the storm at the beginning of the pandemic until today with no excuses. Learned new skills along the way and my new blog site emerged. Most already counted themselves out of being successful based on their gender, race or nationality, but that’s just making excuses. Most believed the world served them up a raw deal. But that’s only making excuses. I was told once that not everyone wants to be in business. That’s true. Everyone don’t want to stay poor forever either but most don’t have the drive to start the work to be successful. It takes work and some time and patience. Seen the lines to your local Lotto lately? Most believe this is the only way out. But it’s not. Excuses!! Excuses!! Excuses!!

Here are some notables: “I can’t come in, I’m sick”, “Family member passed away”(same family member?again? really?), “Family issues”, “Child/pet is sick”, “Medical appointment”, “Leak in apartment/house”.  THE CRAZY ONES : “Dog ate my assignment”, *”The devil made me do it”. You will get some of these excuses/reasons for folks to cop out on you hopefully not the last one..“The devil made me do it”(just threw that one in for fun). I look for serious business affiliates/investors, risk takers and “no excuse” participants. The above excuses may be the real truth or just plain lies, but these are so popular it might be like “crying wolf”. Sad if it’s true. Sad if it’s a lie. No one can tell the real difference. *But wait a minute….if things get to this stage in your life, you are in grave danger…...since…..

The devil didn’t make you do it. You did it all by yourself. QUIT MAKING EXCUSES!!!


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