Ode to The Philippines

Pulang Bato Falls

Dumeguete, The Philippines

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Believe it or not. My trips to the Philippines inspired me more to keep writing. Be mindful that I started my first blog site about a year before my first trip to The Philippines. Here are some of my photos and experiences from my trips to Manila, Dumeguete and Cebu, The Philippines. Three trips in a two year span.

One of my mapped routes heading home to NY

So my first trip was to Manila. Manila: crowded. Loud. Too much traffic. In spite of the pedestrian traffic, these motorists were expert drivers. Ended up walking in the streets since the sidewalk were littered with vendors and shoppers alike. It was dangerous walking in the streets but you can travel faster. As I mentioned earlier, these motorists were expert drivers. It was very humid at the time. It was afternoon and shopping was ok as soon as you get in the stores or sheds or eating in at a restaurant. I enjoyed the experience being there. The people were very friendly and they make me feel like I’m home.

Manila was my foodie place. Since it was the first time trying out these new and marvelous dishes. I was pleased. Visited a few restaurants around the city. At times had lunch, dinner or brunch served to us at the hotel. Saw a Jamaican restaurant in the heart of town. Got some goodies at the local Dunkin Donuts and I was disappointed at the McDonald’s delivery. The food was cold by the time it got to the hotel. This McDonald’s was interested in taste to say the least. My food experience overall, was immaculate.

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My second trip to the Philippines was to Dumeguete. Dumeguete was like a home coming. A “welcome back” sort of a trip. It’s about a year afterwards. I already was accustomed to the culture, the food and the people. Or so it seemed. Dumeguete was less crowded. It was cooler in temperature, and since my hotel was directly overlooking the ocean, makes for a wonderful ocean breeze. I call this place “motor bike city”. I seemed like everyone in this province is riding a motor bike. Men, woman and child alike are riding some form of a motor bike. I had a great chance of getting hit by a motorcycle than any other form of motor vehicle while crossing the street. Pedicabs was everywhere if you need a taxi to get around town. Dumeguete is to motorcycle as Manila is to all of the traffic known to man. Food was great. Visited a hot spring shown in opening photo, had a chance to get taken around on a motorcycle for a short while. Very interested indeed.

A little bit of history

I love Dumeguete over Manila for just one reason. Less crowded atmosphere. Also love the friendly atmosphere here as well. Great stay. One more thing to mention….

There were a work out group meeting in the early morning hours in a small park overlooking the ocean. Lo and behold, overlooking my hotel as well. Met up a few times for a quick workout to music. Spend some great moments here.

My connecting flight

Stayed here in this hotel in Cebu
Random street photo
School parade
Valencia, Negros Oriental, Dumeguete, the Philippines
Heading in to the US somewhere between Hong Kong and Vancouver, Canada
Random street photo
Random street photo

My third trip was to Cebu. Cebu was more of a vacation getaway to me. Finding places to visit. Things to do. Food to eat. Traffic was ok and the folks here were very nice as well. Since I was now a seasoned traveller here to the Philippines, I could easily maneuver myself better. Shop and pay more with confidence. Cebu has it’s own international airport just like Manila unlike Dumeguete, where I had to board a smaller jet at Manila to land there. That twin engine jet was scary at first but I somehow trusted in the airline staff to get me to my final destination. Love Cebu. But the winner was Dumeguete. Distant second. Cebu.

Surprise gift from my favorite fans pens with my first blog site
Stayed in this hotel in Manila
Stayed here in Dumeguete
Showing off in Bethel Guest House, hotel in Dumeguete
Red Rock Hot Springs, Dumeguete
Manila, Philippines
Manila, the Philippines
Pulang Bato Falls, Dumeguete, Philippines
A view riding in jeepney , Dumeguete, the Philippines
Hotel stay overlooking a park and the ocean, Dumeguete, the Philippines
Walked in on a group working out, Dumeguete, Philippines
To the extreme left is my hotel

As you can see the Philippines was entirely fun. The first trip was hard, somewhat of 24hour travelling and in 12hour time difference from the US. The other two were much easier since I could plot the route to suit my convenience. My preferred route is from NY to Hong Kong Or NY to Hong Kong via Vancouver, Canada to my final destination. Had airlines of choice as well for loyalty rewards. My first few long haul flights were a major success.

Robinsons Place in Cebu, the Philippines
Robinsons Place, mall in Cebu, the Philippines
Fuzzy view from Hong Kong airport via connecting flight

Extra, Extra

Above is the Jollibee that was opened about three years in Time Square, NY. My first Jollibee experience was in Manila,the Philippines. It’s not the same here in NY. The same as my McDonald’s experience turned out horrible there. Next time you are in Jollibee in the Philippines, for dessert ask for Halo-Halo.

This is my 100k special series. Thanks for your support. Have a great day and upcoming weekend

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