Tools of the trade

Invest in yourself

Let me start by saying, “Pay Yourself First”

I learned this in my first few years in the MLM business. It is hard these days to pay yourself first in dollars before paying the bills. We usually keep the left over dollars after paying expenses, that is, if there are any left overs. So you have an online or other unconventional business(es). Are there any rules on how you should pay yourself? You are the boss. You make the rules. How and when you get paid, shouldn’t that be determined by only you? Let’s see my madness here. First and foremost, I pay myself first everyday even before I even go to a job. Paying myself doesn’t mean I take the cash out and put it in my pockets. Most of the time that money is reinvested back into my ventures. My time is also an investment. How I spend my time in planning my day way before I leave home each day is what I call “sweat equity”. Time is not money. The time I put in first thing each day, will set the tone for a windfall later in the day. My tool here is time. Using my time wisely each start of the day, long before I start to put my time in on a job is of utmost important. [Time] Cost: $0

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During the five(5) years blogging on my old site, I gained not one dime. Zero. Zilch. I got up suddenly with the thoughts of starting a blog. No hesitant and no planning. I had the tools in place but had no idea on how to use them or even that I should use them. Years before that and until today I was always involved with affiliated companies. Little did I know that I could partnered with these companies to help drive traffic to my site. Now I can both promote their sites as usual and they can promote my site as well. It is known as traffic exchange. [Traffic Exchange] Cost:$0

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Thanks to my friends and family on social media for their support in my cause. Never would I have gained any confidence or brand recognition if it wasn’t for social media. I’ve had my ups and downs with promotions in the past there but the journey was well worth it. [Social media] Cost:$0

Not all cost are free. I tend to buy cheaper phones and turn them into cash machines. I haven’t bought any new phones outright as of late but earlier I took advantage of upgrades on older models lessening the cost to buy at normal price. I am not looking just at brand name in mobile phones but the speed and storage capacities for flexibility. With speed and more data, I can now use these to make money passively or on the go. [Mobile devices] Cost: minimal $$


My tools of choice on a daily base are my phone accessories. Power on the go is very important. It’s hard to find electrical outlets these times so portable battery power is king. I always walk with a fully portable battery power pack or two when on the go. Extra plugs and cords on hand won’t hurt just in case I may find a spot to plug in for power. [Mobile phone accessories]: Cost: Pricele$$

  • A good workman always has his tools on hand
  • Invest in your own tools(no hand me downs if possible)
  • Handle your tools with care
  • Use them diligently

I have made another unplanned blogging comeback about two months ago after a long unsuccessful five years and a few years layoff, but I’m ready now. I’ve got my tools in place. No writer’s block for now. Been consistent each week so far.

As always, thanks for reading.

See you on the next blog. Have a great rest of the week everyone 🙂


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