The “Goal” Standards

Hello everyone. I hope everyone’s week was productive, also safe and healthy as usual.

So I finally got the Covid-19 vax. I never planned on getting vaccinated. It wasn’t even in my thoughts. I though, staying healthy in mind and body would help to ward off this virus, and since I don’t have any health issues made me a lot more hesitant. But I got vaccinated. Saw a short line while passing by a Vaccination Center. Maybe eight people in line. Not bad. And about half an hour before opening and lots of time on my hands. So I joined the line. “Is this the line for the free weekly Metro pass?” I asked this couple ahead of me. “Sir, no, no. They are giving you free vaccination here”, the lady replied. I believe the male was stunned. Well he doesn’t talk much to strangers as I later found out. “I’m kidding” I replied. I knew that they were giving free metro passes for every signee. The couple were vacationing here in the US from Mexico for the first time. “So you came all this way to get vaccinated then to head back home?” I was on a roll. They said I acted too serious in my questioning and caught them off guard every time. But we joked a little bit more in line until it was time for opening and signing up in the center. So I got the one dose vaccine.

The last time I got vaccinated was during a medical checkup a few years ago. Doctor’s orders to get another dose of a vaccine. My left arm was sore for days. So far I’m doing great from this covid one-doser.

Goal setting

So the Biden administration set their mission statement for the first 100 days in office. To the rolling out of the  stimulus checks to all who qualified and the massive task of getting everyone the Covid-19 vaccine. So far mission accomplished. The vaccine is not so important for some as is for those who says that wearing the mask is useless. To my knowledge, not one civilian has disputed getting a third stimulus check. If so, was not news worthy. What’s up with the money?

What’s your mission statement? Mine is to stay healthy and financially successful on and offline. Totally be my own boss. Mentally I’m getting there but it is a process that requires some cuts and bruises, pain and sorrow but a fight to the finish line. Don’t get me wrong here, the journey so far has been fun. Listen, if you don’t enjoy what you do, find something else fun to do. Or do nothing.

Setting the standards

Believe me. There are times when I just want to sit back and do nothing. I always promise myself that if I have to come out to do a 9-5 even though I’m tired, I will also put in the same effort on building my business(s). I never failed in doing that. What’s the sense in working hard everyday for the boss and neglect my own future even for a day. So be it. If I’m having an off day, it will apply on both sides of the equation. Regardless. My mantra is to always pay myself first. A job is a commitment and so is your personal goals for your future. I set very lofty standards in my missions for my future.

No joking around…until…

I had a boss. He was tough, but fair. He once told us that unless we accomplish the tasks at hand plus totally know what were doing as a team and manages the job very well, then we can lax and have fun. No fun and games until we master our work. I always take that statement and applied it throughout my daily routines. It may apply readily to my 9-5 or to my own personal endeavours. I love to master the task at hand . In other words, get to understand what I’m doing and doing it well. Mastering this allows me to move on to the next task and so on. My former boss really hit a nerve with that one.

I can relax now a bit. All the hard work has been done. There are still lots more work left to be done. One goal completed to start another one. The total mission is not yet complete.

Thanks for reading this. Have a great weekend everyone.

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