“Games people play”

People love to play games. They love to play mind games too. So despicable and crude. "Yow playa!!". Fortunately I'm talking about actual games people play, but unfortunately they play for free. Well free if they are not into gambling with real money for real money. Welcome to my blog. I'm doing something new today … Continue reading “Games people play”

A little peace and quiet

IN THE NEWS: I heard that New York will require proof of vaccination in indoor restaurants and gyms.... Some employers are requiring that all their employees be vaccinated....There are penalties like higher health insurance for those who are not vaccinated..... A booster shot is said to be mandated in a few months or much sooner … Continue reading A little peace and quiet

“Paying close attention”

Hello everyone. So I haven't been paying close attention to what's happening in the news media as of late. I love to at least keep you up to speed on what's happening whether in stocks, politics or any other news tidbits that's worth sharing in my blog to start things off. More like a conversational … Continue reading “Paying close attention”