“Games people play”

People love to play games. They love to play mind games too. So despicable and crude. “Yow playa!!”. Fortunately I’m talking about actual games people play, but unfortunately they play for free. Well free if they are not into gambling with real money for real money.


Welcome to my blog. I’m doing something new today by talking about games we actually play online and how I mysteriously stumble upon games that pays many, many years ago.

Many many years seem so very far away. In my case, it feels like neons ago. In my previous blog from my other site, I shared some links on games I play online, some everyday, others from time to time. Will share those details with you at the end of my post.

So I used to travel from the job to home which takes me about an hour and a half. That’s a lot of travelling one way. I take the subway, then the bus. They call this a two fare zone. Once off the subway, I take a bus which can take up to half an hour, depending on the traffic, to get home. I usually get a seat on the bus since this is main depot for that bus. So the bus comes in empty, but the crowd is there..you have to position yourself to get on the bus since lines were not a common mode here. Welcome to Brooklyn, New York. Worst if the school kids are out of school. There is more crowd and rowdiness to content with. Once on the bus, I usually drown myself in music while playing a game or two on my phone to pass the time. The faster I’m on the bus, the more time for me to take it easy. More game time.

An addiction sets in motion. It was always looking forward to play to the next level.

Let’s go further back in time. I was a gamer once. Well, I thought I was. If I could play games on my PlayStation console from dusk to dawn with little rest then go to the job, I’m a gamer. No. I was a game addict. Over and over I played for days at a time on my console on my off days, and hours on my works days. I had to quit when I started to get headaches and other nauseated feelings. I even gave away my beloved PlayStation.


I’m always competitive. I’m always want to experience the next level in games. I wanted to beat my score. So back to my travel from subway to bus. Doing my game time, I received an ad to take surveys and make some money. I was sceptical at the moment but was quite curious. I decided to give this a try. And try I did. Now I was sharing my game time for free with surveys to make some extra cash. Then I played no more since I thought to myself that I’m not making money here and just wasting my time just to pass the time. Finding the games to play for cash came later and was even better to find with the introduction to applications. You can see how I started working online in my introduction to how I started working online. Check this out when you can.

My game of choice was the third party.. the shoot them up and the ones full of action. Today I prefer the puzzle types and sports and the ones where I can use my brains and are non- violent. I still do in-game purchases on one non-paying gaming app. In any event, the ones that pay me for my time well spent are the ones I prefer to use.

Although gaming apps are part of my online portfolio, it only plays a small part to it. It is more for entertainment rather than trying to make lots of money. You can make good money if you played for hours on end just to make lots of points and cash, but I play smarter here than longer… strategically speaking. I can still pass the time taking polls and surveys or just plain surfing the web….for cash indeed.

See my site below to see some of the games I play plus other links and invites. Title is under the same title “The games people play”

It’s not that difficult to get paid playing games online. Firstly, you can play the same games you play everyday by playing through a “third” party access. The difference is how you access those games. Secondly, make changing the way you access those apps a normal for anything you do on the internet since most things you do for free can be done through a third party or any other alternate modes for payment.

Most still don’t care about making cash by playing the same games they are playing since being a child. They don’t care about the developers making lots of money off of them for life. They just want entertainment. Free to play with nothing to earn. Not me. My mind do not compute what the average people above are saying. In my mind, I am no developer, but I can help them if they can help me….well, earn money of course.

“Let’s play”

Thanks for reading this everyone. I had fun writing it. See you on the next post.

All the best.


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