Walking in my shoes 2

So we got the remnants of Hurricane Ida in our area. Heavy rain and flooding. Subway, trains and buses were at limited service. Sorry for the loss of life and damages done. We have had lots of rainfall this season, but this was the only time so far that our transportation system was affected this badly. Heard in the news that a lady was busted from travelling with a fake vaccination card. She was arrested (I guess that was what busted means😂). They say, “There maybe more fake cards in the system”. People. Please stay safe and stay honest☹️

So I finally did my walking exercise this past weekend. It was a major break for me. I always feel the guilt not posting my walking routine which should be done on a weekly basis.


First and foremost, welcome to a new month. Summer is almost here. From this time forward we can gear up for Fall and the cold days of Winter. Not too happy here, but it is what we expect living in the Northeast.

Walking in cold weather is something I’m used to doing. With the right gears and a steady walk routine to warm up quickly is something I’m skilled in. I should not forget to get me a new pair of those thinsulate gloves, you know, the ones with the special finger tips you can used to click those buttons on your mobile phone while outdoors? Walking and texting, no, no… Walking and using my phone is what I do to get my work done. It’s like being on a treadmill and balancing my checkbook at the same time.

Running vs walking


Running vs walking? Which do I prefer? Walking I believe. I used to jog/run a whole lot. As a matter of fact, I never looked at walking as a true exercise but to get from point A to B. Running was the reason why I actually see walking as a true exercise. I used to see speed walkers in the parks who I gladly ran past. These were the older folks, rarely young people. The younger runners I gladly ran past as well. I hated to see anyone ahead of me. I was fast. I was good. I used to pace myself. I promised to myself that one day I would run in the NYC marathon or any marathon in the future. I even searched running groups to join including the NY Road Runners Club. I was obsessed with running. Let’s take things back a bit. Well many years ago growing up in Jamaica, West Indies. Running was my main competitive sport. In school, I believed I was good and revered as one of the faster kids in school. Now back to the present. I still love to run but not competitive anymore. At least not for now. Let’s look at the benefits of walking. It’s natural. You can sight-see. You can multi-task at a slower pace and stay heart healthy at the same time. I walk everyday. I use tracking applications as well. I’ve become an avid walker indeed. Walking is my preference.


Talking about multi-tasking. I could easily run then get back to work on my mobile phone. Not me. Time is of an essence. Hard to get back to anything. As I said earlier, I cannot run and work at the same time…[well, I said that in so many different words]… That is next to the impossible. Walking makes my work a lot more manageable. I’m getting my regular dose of exercise where I’m staying healthy and getting my work done at the same time. That’s using my head. Workout for my brains as well.

Opportunity awaits

Being an opportunist has it’s advantages. I used these trying times to be more outdoors. During the start of the pandemic when most shops and restaurants were closed, and unable to travel, I planned my walking routine to limit to areas where I could social distance while enjoying a nice walk. Walking goes back years when life was normal, so it’s not that I was starting a new thing, just a different way and feel to it. To me, walking is fun. Walking is life. You can only feel these vibes if you have walked in my shoes.

Thanks for reading. I hope you all have a safe and productive weekend and rest of the week.

See my post on my other site below on Monday. Happy Labor Day, USA.

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