“Set yourself free”

Hi everyone and welcome to a new week. Yes folks, time is moving quickly indeed. Just trying to catch up on my blogging date is a challenge withing itself. So far I’m holding on. I never missed a date.

Talking about dates, I probably mentioned somewhere in my six months of blogging that I love history. Not too fond of traditions, but I love to know how it all started. I’m always curious of events. I used to bing watched the history channels on crime and every other events not related to crime. I still do, but not so much today. History is what define our future. So what’s the big deal with some people.

What’s the griping for?

Ok. Alright! A point is made here that they are some notoriously and vile individuals in our past. They seized, they conquered, they imprisoned others for their own wicked, twisted ways of glorification. Unfortunately, we cannot erase that or any of our past history. Oh!! How we wish we could only forget those people. Erase them from our lives forever. For my condolences, they are no longer in our lives today, but, it will never erase what they have done. It’s best to just move on. We can damage or remove their statues which we did, but to what avail. It still didn’t erase the damage that was already done. Minimizing the damages will not erase what is already done.

I’m sorry😢

Sorry for what. That won’t change history as well. As I said before, minimizing what was done will not change what was already done.

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I love it when a person apologizes when they are singled out for saying or doing something degrading. Do you believe that they are sorry? Not sorry. Just sorry that they got busted upsetting everyone. It’s just the same as crying when you are caught red handed. Sorry tears 😭. This never change what you did or said in the first place. Best to leave history alone as it is.

What really happened!!

People still believe what they see or hear. But is the real truth that they see or hear? So we get the facts sorted out. What first is placed in our minds and hearts at the beginning, is hard to change it to something else that maybe factual. A lie in history still will not make that history any different. A lie will remain in history nevertheless. I can guarantee you that your facts will not fit well with others who still believe what was done was done in history. It’s best to leave history where it is.

Repeat performances

Just love it when they coined the term, “history repeated itself”. This could either be good or bad. History is what defines a nation. It’s the cornerstone in what we do and live our lives. It builds traditional. It creates wealth. It builds technology and commerce. It forms unity and unfortunately, greed and power. I believe that what happened in our history elevates us to the next level. It defines our future. Just leave history alone.

“Set yourself free”

You can forgive, but you can never forget. Forgiveness is what will set you free. Set your heart at ease. I’m not saying that to forgive is to have lunch, dinner or drinks with someone who did you wrong or you did wrong.. this could be your “last supper”😲 You can still forgive in many ways by even staying far, far, away from those individuals. (I highly recommend this)😇

When I first started working in MLM(multi level marketing)business, my sponsor (he was loaded)💰..He had once said, “to be successful, first you have to free your mind. Hatred or anger will not get you far. Let go of those things and renew your mind and you will get results”. He wasn’t talking directly at me, but I did join his group with my mind going in many different directions, and my heart was not so pure indeed. I was full of anger and rage. What I had going forward was the ability to seek out ways to change my attitude and to free my mind. Which I did. I can do things without fear or anyone’s consent whether I make lots of money or not. I can even enjoy all that I do on or offline. Writing or sharing new ways of creating abundance brings me joy, not believing in men or objects but in self and Our Creator. By the way, our Creation is history as well… Believe it or not. Let us leave history alone as it is. Learn from it. Change our ways.

I rank living in the past and not letting go as one of the reasons why most people remain in mediocre. Most are afraid to even let go. Some still believe that reaching their full potential is not possible. So they rely on their children or others to reach those heights but inkling of doubts and criticism still remains. “Look what history done to us”, they say. “We were robbed or singled out from the beginning. We don’t even get much respect as we deserve”. That maybe true. What is done is done. Let’s look forward to the future and leave history where it belongs. In the past.

Thanks for reading.

Enjoy the rest of the week and weekend everyone. See you next post.



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