Congratulations!! You have accomplished another week of whatever you have accomplished. I’m writing today on what we could have done but never got it done. We’ve all been here at sometimes in our lives. I am no different from anyone else so let me go first.

“Why don’t you start a YouTube video?”. “Why don’t you do this, or that or…?” Everyone’s got their own ideas. They try to feed me reasons to join their ventures and undermining my own. I never told  anyone that I needed help. Never told anyone that I’m struggling with my own ideas. They are telling me to give it up. That I won’t make it ( in so many words). I’m a writer not a vlogger….(My turn)..Why should I change my style to suit you when my style isn’t what you are offering?  Chasing after the money since the money is outside of my genre is not my style either. I’m not in it just for the money. I am in it mainly from the passion of doing it. Having no passion for a thing just for the money is what I call a j-o-b. I am a writer, not an employee. Thanks. But no thanks. (nuff said)….. end venting!!… Back to blogging….

All through my years of working online, I’ve been getting offers to join this or that. I was even forced to sign up on opportunity either in conflict with what was doing or the total opposite of it. I gladly rejected those offers. Some folks went away quickly, others tried to convince me that what they had to offer was much better than what I was doing without even knowing exactly what I was doing. They were dismissed quickly. I appreciate all those who tried. This made me more aware of the passion and motivation I have gotten to stick to my own ways and reject the others. Sticking to my plans wholeheartedly, gives me the courage to dismiss any other opportunity not relatable to my own.

Unfinished business

I didn’t start out that way. There were opportunities I started out with that I never quite finished. There were the MLM opportunities and other unrelated projects including relationships that I never quite see it to the end. I learn. I did my best. I move on. Maybe these weren’t the things that  I was seriously looking for as a life project so I just did them half heartedly.

Doing a thing half heartedly never accomplish anything. All it does is to bring self doubt and despair. Unless you are temporarily doing a thing. But why waste precious time. Finding the things that you love to do, set up a game plan, go in all the way without looking back. That’s passion. That’s going in wholeheartedly.

Finding my passion

So how did I find out what I really love to do? I did by trial and error. As I mentioned earlier, there were things I did in career or relationships that I never saw to the end. Never knew what I really wanted to do, so I was just [swaying] “like leaves in the wind”. It was until I made my first dollar online then I got the confidence to start building my own business online then sharing what I did becomes my ammo. Doing things not popular in my circle of friends and family drove me deeper into making money(even little) from nothing on the internet. My passion for e-commerce and investing came after. The economy became my main source of information to drive me to the next level. Blogging is only a vehicle to share what I do since I wanted to own my own platform as well instead of using only someone else’s… Including social media. Everyone got talent. We all have gifts. Some may find theirs sooner. Some much later. You will never find what you love to do without trial and error. That’s is, filtering out what you love to do while discarding the rest of things not relatable to you.

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I don’t force invites. I don’t believe from making money from friends and family. I believe in free will. If you are comfortable in what your are doing, whether you are making money or not is not my choice to change your situation unless you request my input. It is also the same if you are just sitting around and wasting time.

In conclusion

Finding your passion

  • Do what you love
  • Doing it just for the money cannot be your mission
  • Feel it in your head and heart
  • Don’t take advice from those who don’t have an option to spare.
  • Don’t be afraid to share your insights.
  • Don’t be afraid of negative criticisms
  • Above all. Have fun. Always.

Enjoy the rest of the day and weekend everyone. Thanks for reading.


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