Office Spaces

Welcome to another week dear friends. I hope you had a wonderful week last week and a great week so far this week. So this is how my week went, thanks for asking. I changed my job schedule to weekends with fill-in(s) on the weekdays if needed to free myself to do my marketing, investing … Continue reading Office Spaces


Congratulations!! You have accomplished another week of whatever you have accomplished. I'm writing today on what we could have done but never got it done. We've all been here at sometimes in our lives. I am no different from anyone else so let me go first. "Why don't you start a YouTube video?". "Why don't … Continue reading “Wholeheartedness”

“Set yourself free”

Hi everyone and welcome to a new week. Yes folks, time is moving quickly indeed. Just trying to catch up on my blogging date is a challenge withing itself. So far I'm holding on. I never missed a date. Talking about dates, I probably mentioned somewhere in my six months of blogging that I love … Continue reading “Set yourself free”