A little peace and quiet

IN THE NEWS: I heard that New York will require proof of vaccination in indoor restaurants and gyms…. Some employers are requiring that all their employees be vaccinated….There are penalties like higher health insurance for those who are not vaccinated….. A booster shot is said to be mandated in a few months or much sooner for all who are fully vaccinated. This is to ward off the new Delta variant….. You can still be infected by Covid-19 if fully vaccinated, but your case will be much milder than those who are unvaccinated…. So far wearing a mask or face covering still applies when you are in subways and commuter trains and stations in NYC whether you are fully vaccinated or not.

The new normal has taken it’s toll on everyone’s livelihood. At the moment I don’t see a shut down of New York City, just new mandates until further notice.

As you already know, I’m already fully vaccinated. I would have been fine I guess without the vaccine, but this beats taking the Covid test every week, plus, I am not at risk to others as long as I follow the government guidelines. And yes, being fully vaccinated gives me a piece of mind.

The Calm

You can say that I’m opportunistic in my behavior. Turning a negative moment into a positive one has been my norm. The City was calm during the days of the beginning of the pandemic. I seized the moment. I had a chance for working out in the park. I walked a lot as my exercise of choice. Many people were hunkered down in their homes so the usually busy city and park was not crowded indeed. My routine was to workout or rest on my off days from the job. I did spend quite a lot more time online, now being able to do more than I ever did before the pandemic. I finally had time on my hands. I started this blog. Then another blog…then….

Common sense

I learned my lesson well many years ago. Nothing will be handed to you in a silver platter. You have to seize the moment. Many place their lives in the hands of their employers when things are good then struggle to make ends meet when things are bad. I love to do the opposite. It is better to build your life when your mind is clear. You can then make better decisions. Hard times lead to desperation. Desperation leads to making poor decisions. Losing lives, losing financial means and threat to your freedom is never a good thing. Coming out of them to regain some normalcy in your life is another. We had 9-11, the recession and now this Covid-19 pandemic. How do you get back on your feet? Again, as I said. If you plan when things are great to prepare when things are bad. The gurus will tell you that as well. I’m no guru. Just a follower of common sense.


Renewing of the mindset

I was fired once. Fired. The first time in my years of service to the employment world. I was fired, but it was not for a lack of my working abilities. I learned to obey the rules, do my job to the best of my abilities to this day. But yet I was let go. It was due to issues beyond my control. After five years of service, I was fired. During the five years, I was building income on the side. Who would have thought that I would have been without a job for the first time as being fired. This came suddenly, and out of nowhere. But I did good. I was not working for about six months. After that I got another job (I was refer to another) since I turned down the offer to reapply. It’s been seventeen(17) years ago with this new referred job. There was calm and so there was disasters as well during these times until now. I never stop preparing for the worst. I read in a book that “millionaires are made during an economic meltdown”. Listen, if you don’t plan ahead during the good times, where are you going to find the means to invest during the hard times? My lesson learned here is that if you planned the right way when your mind is clear, and by certain renewing of your mindset, you will be able to think clearly in any given situation.

The situation

Distraction can lead to disaster. You may not be the one who started this, but it could be from someone else. Some people mean well, some really don’t. Yes. Some don’t care. If there is calm, some may become idle. Idleness can lead to misery. Misery loves company. That company could be you. How can you turn down a good friend’s or family’s offer which is not pertaining to your life’s work? Who wants to be cast aside by their love ones? No one. I see a lot of people put aside their life’s work just to be nice to others then never recover after that. Disaster comes. Then every one struggles. I believe that, for you to help others, first, you have to help yourself. I mentioned earlier of the renewal of the mind. This takes practice. You may not be able to do this for a very long time. I can still be able to do my life’s work in any situation I’m in. It’s easy for me to filter out the nonsense that may try to interfere with my work. I’ve been saying this for a while that the angrier I become is the most productive I become. I do welcome “craziness” from time to time. It is great to always prepare your mind, to put up that “wall” to fend off the negative in a trying situation.

In conclusion

My mind is now clear. Fortunately, I have “cleared all the gutters” and “threw out all the trash” in my life which makes way for a piece of mind. I’ve been consistent in my online work because of that. I am able to write better and my numbers are going through the roof. I left some unhappy people in my wake but needless to say, I hold no grudge against them. So with some calm, some common sense and the renewal of my mindset, I’m in the situation that I’m currently in. In addition, below are some of the guidelines I follow for growth in my online business(es).

  • Be consistent
  • Stay focus
  • Be patient
  • Set goals
  • Have fun

With these guidelines…I set the tone… Whether I go kicking and screaming or by having a little peace and quiet. I chose the latter.

Enjoy the weekend everyone until my next post.



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