“Paying close attention”

Hello everyone.

So I haven’t been paying close attention to what’s happening in the news media as of late. I love to at least keep you up to speed on what’s happening whether in stocks, politics or any other news tidbits that’s worth sharing in my blog to start things off. More like a conversational piece leading to my main topic. So far I have no news to share in my opening. Not my last post either.

I believe the reason behind me not paying too much attention to the news media is the lack of tuning in to television or radio…since I’ve been busy running around, then it’s the mindset of catching up on sleep to start the new day or just taking a nap. Not having the energy to keep up with non essential events can become difficult as days and weeks go by. Another reason could be that since my job has been picking up and more businesses are picking up as well, I tend to spend more time outdoors comparing to last year when most businesses were on lockdown. But thanks to my Twitter feed. Twitter has been keeping me up to date on current events by way of notification on my mobile phone. I check in on this from time to time. Another reason is the lack of new news. Listening to the same news over and over again makes me lose interest real quicky. Old news is never good news. I guess, when I hear news that’s worth sharing then I believe I will share it.

See but yet blinded?

I love to pay close attention to the media. I hate surprises. If something is going on out there, I need to know, even if I’m not directly involve with it or not. I’m curious. Yet calmly cautious. It’s always great to know as a “just in case” I needed to adjust in order to stay safe. Unfortunately they are people who knows, but do nothing. Others just don’t know. So they cannot react. And the others who just don’t care one way or another. All these groups are scary to me. As taken from The Holy Scripture,“they see but yet blinded”.

Getting to know you

I’m curious to see what my friends on social media are doing. People’s lives change from time to time. It’s good to know what everyone is up to. Did they get married? Have or had more children? Healthy and hearty is mostly important. Are they doing something different financially? Do they stand out or simply just blending in? We are always happy to see what others are doing is to the best to develop themselves and others around them. I really cherish the friends who are willing to help others in some ways or form.

A learning experience

Back to paying attention. I came across a friend I know in person and also friends on social media. I mentioned to her about my blog to get some input but she had no clue that my blog even existed according to her reaction. It’s surprising since it was about four (4) months or longer since I’ve had my blog which I had been posting each week consistently. So I introduced my blog to her without malice and we both went on our merry way.

It’s not that I was paying too much attention to her missing my blogs but it made me wonder why my blogsite was missed, yet appeared nonexistent. Maybe my marketing skills needed help, or maybe she amongst others weren’t actually getting my blog feeds.


Social Media

Facebook has been using algorithms to only show posts to friends who are actively involved with their friends. It’s a marketing ploy to tailormade who sees what on Facebook. I wonder if the same rings true on my blog since my blog is tied directly to social media. Instagram do mention that their members [haven’t posted for a while] when they do post, well, if they didn’t post for a while. I can live with that. It’s obvious that social media is paying close attention to details on your posts and your friend’s post as well.

I will find the time when necessary to read my friend’s Facebook or Instagram feeds. I will read a blog or two when necessary. I love to stay up to date. As in the news media, things I may miss may come from feeds from my friends on social media even if they are true or not. Then there’s Whatsapp, my above mentioned Twitter feeds and my trusted co-workers word- of mouth. At least I’m still paying a little close attention to certain details when it comes to what’s happening around me. Again, as I mentioned earlier, no media post this week, none last week either.

Post #28

So whether or not my blog may appear whimsical, unorthodox, dorky or unconventional, this is my life, and I cannot make this up. You don’t have to pay too close attention to my blogs either(you may find errors)( (I barely edit my posts)..but do show me some love. This is post #28 and I’m still young here..and I would hate to be stuck in an algorithm and be buried in the abyss by social media. By the way, if I find [new] news, I may share next post. In the meantime, stay safe and healthy.

Enjoy the incoming days ahead.

Photos provided by Pexel


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