Blame it on the weekends

Hello everyone. Hope everyone’s week went well and prosperous. Hope you are all safe by keeping withing the guidelines mandated by your local governments on the coronavirus and the other strains out there. Whether you believe these mandates will work or not, just keep yourselves safe by protecting yourselves and others around you.

Let me start by saying that my favorite day of the week is the opposite to most people. It is Mondays. Mondays set the tone to how I conduct my business online for the rest of the week. The weekends are the preparation for the weekdays ahead. I love Mondays.

Do not know why most people hate Mondays. But let me blame some factors here. The weekend and the job. The job is Monday-Friday with Saturday and Sundays off. Everyone knows that. It’s five days work to two days off which is not even close to even. Ask anyone how was their weekend and the answer will be…too short. Yes it is short indeed. Do not know who started this, but I assure you that this does not fare well with most people. Let look at some interesting factors here as well. “When researchers looked at the days of the week, most heart attacks occurred on Mondays and the least on Saturdays. In fact, the risk of getting a heart attack was 11 percent higher on Monday than on any day from Tuesday to Friday”-Google Apr, 2019. So I dug a little deeper. “The most common time of day heart attacks is in the morning, and now new research suggests that morning heart attacks are also the most serious” –WebMD. Even though these research are a few years old, it still shows a grim result based on cases conducted.

The Blues

“The most common reason for hating Monday is that it follows two days of freedom and fun. For most however, that’s sheer fantasy. Whether single or have family responsibilities, the weekend is chore time- cleaning, shopping, fixing and buying”Google.

From the reason above, the weekend still sounds like work. Here is the difference though, no bosses are here. If your family members and friends bosses you around, that’s beside the point. The weekend is catching up on all you miss in your household as in chores or pretty much going out and having some fun. This only takes two days to accomplish; since Fridays are usually split in half between fun and the job. If the weekend goes bad, it will be hard to keep up with the remainder of the week. Most comes in to work more tired and frustrated on Mondays than they leave work happy and energized on Fridays. Bad if the weekend was good. Bad if the weekend was bad. A no-win. Not too good for the body indeed. Stress leads to many ailments.

“The ‘Monday Blues’ describe a set of negative emotions that many people get at the beginning of the workweek if they’re not happy at work,” says Alexander Kjerulf, an international author and speaker on happiness at work. “It contains elements of depression, tiredness, hopelessness and a sense that work is unpleasant but unavoidable.”

The Monday Blues are so prevalent that they have become a cultural phenomenon, “and this makes it easy to laugh them off as ‘just the way things are,’” he says. “But they can be much more than just a passing tiredness; they are often a serious warning sign that something is not right at work. If you were happy, you’d be excited and energized on Mondays, not tired and depressed.”

Rita Friedman, a Philadelphia-based career coach, agrees. “If you love your job and are passionate about what you’re doing, going in to work Monday morning is another opportunity to do what you love,” she says. “But if you’re feeling under-appreciated or unsatisfied with your job, it can be especially difficult to start another seemingly endless workweek.”Forbes

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Greener pastures?

Every day is to be appreciated. Mondays wouldn’t be so tough if your job was enjoyable as the above authors specified. It can start off great when you first get that new job. After a while it can become stressful and intolerable. Trying to a job that you like by moving from one job to another can be hard. Even though most will move from job to job in search of a higher salary, that doesn’t mean that the higher paying job will be more enjoyable. It’s like trying to find the golden nugget amongst stones. The grass may not be greener on the other side. Another scenario is management changes or new co-workers to content with to add to the stress of the workplace. No one wants to face that on Mondays after having a wonderful fun filled weekend with family and friends.

Time off

In addition to the weekends, vacation and holidays are greatly appreciated. The three day weekends are the best for most. But most don’t rest during these times. It’s all fun and games or just catching up on chores or spending quality family time. It’s temporary, but it’s all good. The pandemic is also a good reason for most to stay home or work from home. Some are not too anxious to come back full time to the job, while others cannot stand to stay home any longer and rather face the boss than annoying family members. Kudos to those who work on the weekends. I worked seven days for about seven years straight without taking a trip. I worked full time and part time while managing my work online, but I was content. I enjoyed my place of employment because I was happy within myself. I wasn’t living for the weekends.

The endless cycle

Living for the weekend is the norm. I believe schools are where this phenomenal started. Do you remember when the bell rings each day in grade school, everyone is happy and the laughter and excitement becomes contagious…the noise gets so loud and no one can hear you clearly over it. Especially on Fridays. The same goes on in our workplace as well. It can get real loud after hours. Its always… “Enjoy your weekend”. Plans for enjoyment are already planned in our heads long before our feet leave the front door to the outside world of temporary freedom from the workplace…even if knowing it’s only temporary. But who cares. When Monday comes around, it’s back to square one. It will only be a few days before the weekend comes back around.

“Blame it on the weekends”

“I just love Mondays”


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