Meet me in the middle

Another day my friends, another post, so it must be Tuesday. Welcome to another day and week.

For the longest time, I’ve been promoting to you platforms to make money online all free of cost. I just hope you are paying close attention to my invites. There is something special about most of these invites. The common theme is, you don’t have to start from zero. And also, there is no upfront money whatsoever. The difference is banking and investing applications that may require you to invest some money and to get something in return to you and possibly myself.

UniqueRewards - online rewards program

From Zero to Starter?

Some may not want to use my links. That is fine. But most of the times, you may not get an head start in the game. Of course, you will start at zero. For those who don’t want to get incentives by using my links and for those who does. If you are having doubts. A word of advice. Do your investigating before signing up to my links or banners; you are then free to join up with me or not. I highly recommend that you join with me. In retrospect. Just send me a “thank you” note, regardless.

From Zero to Affiliations?

Affiliate marketing is a confidence booster. Why do this alone. Listen to what others are saying about this. Look at the ratings, then see if this is a good fit for your portfolio. The best part of affiliate marketing and my blog on this genre and all that I’m sharing to you is that I already made money from this or I have the confidence that there is a possibility to make money from this. I trust the specialist to show me the way. I can then pass this on to you as well. Each one should teach one scenario.

From Zero to Hero?

Whether I’m sharing free applications or residual online businesses, you have the option to choose what you are looking for to make money online. You have to know what you want to do. Are you looking for ways to supplement your income? Are you looking for full time income? Are you looking to make just some extra cash? The choice is yours. You have to factor in your time and effort to make this work your way. You can be the hero and rise to the top or stay on a comfortable level to suit your time and effort.

My Story

My goal throughout my adult life is to find ways to gain financial freedom. Some ventures [failed] to last forever but that was my school of learning. In that phase of my life, the ventures that [failed] to last is that it was meant to fail. In other words, it wasn’t that I didn’t work hard enough, it was that it felt strained. It felt like a chore. It wasn’t what I intended to do forever. Then an idea came to me. I can do the things I love to do, since I’ve been doing these things all my life, do it differently and make money from it.

Anyway Earnings

I can share what I do online. Why keep it to myself. Another idea came to life. Having my own platform to share and to write about my experiences. Knowing that these online ideas are real, others had done it successfully and so have I , it was easy to share this with others. These are also the same things everyone online, in all countries and provinces are all doing for free. I call this anyway earnings. These are the things we are doing and will continue to do anyway. Why not earn from it.

The Mission

The mission is to find new applications to use and to share. Some platforms and applications do get cancelled from time to time so it’s great to keep myself updated. Sometimes they are issues along the way with these platforms and applications where I will have to terminate my service with them.

So my links and banners are good for giving you an headstart. Time with these platforms/applications maybe short. Take the extra credits as gold even after you join up with me. You my get those as extra incentives to speed up your process into making lots of money in a shorter time.

Meet me in the middle. I will happily get you started from zero to profits just for signing up.

To your success.

Thanks for reading



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