Unconventional Wisdom

These are five (5) ways to make money.

  • Small Business
  • Big Business
  • Investing
  • Self employment
  • Employee

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I purposely placed employee on the bottom because to my knowledge, it is the worse way to make money but it is the most popular. It is easy to get into. Everything is already prepared for you. All you need to do is to just follow the script. Fortunately I won’t talk much about this any further since most are here and furthermore, this is not the genre for my blogging.

Let’s get small businesses and big businesses out the way. Small businesses can be defined as “store front”, brick and mortar or “mom and pop”. I will put online businesses here as well.

Investing in commodities, bonds, cryptocurrency, NFT’s and a list of many other investments I will place here.

Last but not least is self employment. In this form of making money – One may choose his/her own work schedule/part time/full time. You are in charge of how much you make depending on your work flow. You have some freedom, but like regular employment, you still trade your time for money.

Everyone in this money making world is somewhere here. Where are you? Most importantly, are you comfortable where you are?

Humans tend to feel comfortable in our skins. We tend to accept where we are for many reasons. There are a few in my opinion that I need to address.

  • Social
  • Spiritual
  • Acceptance
  • All of the above

Social: I’ve heard this term over and over again that[everyone is doing it] anyway. I don’t believe since everyone is doing it, it doesn’t make it the right thing to do. The need to fit into society by following the crowd is far away from the person that you are expected to be. We are as diversified in our heritage and cultures. Following others that we are obligated to follow will go against our beliefs and morals.

Spiritual: We will say that money is the root of all evil. That is incorrect. It is the love of money which is the root of all evil. We follow this saying incorrectly. Most will stay broke in this belief. Riches and wealth then become a curse. Our ministers and pastors maybe preaching this as well, but, on the other hand amassing themselves in wealth nonetheless.

Acceptance: This is the lazy way out. It’s the pity game. This is giving up to stay where we are instead of grinding it out for our greater self. We accept where we are. We may not like it, but it is great since this make ends meet. A paycheck a week or month will be just fine. Living from paycheck to paycheck and having a boss or government to supply our needs is the acceptable offer.

All the above: We may not even have a clue why we stay where we are in a mediocre state of mind. We may flip flop on reasons why without even truthfully accepting the factual reason for our demise. This is madness.


No one should be forced to be where they are not comfortable with being. This is what makes our world great. Everyone cannot be in business or to be in business in a traditional format. This will be saturation in the making. But it is obvious that there are more employees than business owners. Employees are the first to go in a liquidation. Employees are first to go in a take over or merging. Employees are liabilities over assets in any businesses. Employees create wealth for a business and nothing else. May the best talent win.

There are factors why some of us are willing to stay where we are.

  • Money
  • Fear
  • Skills
  • Motivation

Money: The thought that we need money to start a business is true even today. A traditional business needs an office, employees, utilities and insurance. We may go out to raise money but sometimes life gets in the way. By the time that money is raised the spirit may die. That dream now becomes a pipe dream.

Fear: The fear of the unknown. We are afraid of the outcome or what lies ahead of us. The fear of failing is eminent. The fear of losing all our money that we put in may cause us not to pursue our dreams. The same rings true for investing in the stock, bond or cryptocurrency markets.

Skills: We might think that we lack the skills needed to start our traditional business. We may delay the process by going to school or going back to school to gain more skills. Schooling cost money and may take some or most of our time away. Again, life may hop along. That dream may die.

Motivation: Without motivation brings stagnation. We may not have the money or the skills on hand but we are motivated. We find a way to get things done. Nothing gets in the way of an eager or motivating person with a passion to succeed.

Conventional wisdom in us will cause us to flip flop through life. They are too many rules to follow to gain entry to success. These rules are even as bad if we are in the process to complete our mission in life. Only will the strong survive. Society may bring us to our knees as a reminder that they are rules to follow and to obey. Stress is now approaching us. We are good with that nonetheless. This is what we are program to do and program to be here. This may be stress but it is comfortable we may say.

Unconventional wisdom breaks the mold. We don’t look at life in the traditional sense. We are not creating the wheel, we are creating new ways to perform. We can all agree that we don’t need all the money and skill sets to succeed. Time is not a factor anymore. Even if we fail…we still have time and money to rebuild again and again. The fear has long been eliminated. All this takes is a decision. There are options. Remain an employee all our lives and make others but ourselves rich. Follow in the tradition of building businesses like they do and compete or venture off in the non traditional way of building and creating our own wealth. Let’s break down conventional over unconventional ways to success.

Unconventional wisdom: The rules are different here. We can combine all the ways to make money without even giving up our livelihood. Being big will be possible without the lack of money or time on hand. Having good work attributes coupled with the renewing of our minds and our faith in God and self will take us forward. We don’t chase the money. The money will find us. The law of attraction is on our side. The rules we follow is of a higher power. That higher power enables us to also perform at an higher level without the stress and competition of our conventional rivals. Residual income is our battle cry. We need our financial freedom quickly and at all costs. We need time and money to spare.

Thanks for reading.




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