My Week and End of Month in Review September 2022

Hello again everyone and welcome to a new week/month and first Tuesday in the month of October and time for my new blog.

Today I’m going to share what I’ve been up to and possibly changes to my routine in the near future.

So far it’s been raining for two days in a row as I’m writing this. I got the bug over this past weekend and it seemed to keep moving from one part of my body to the next. It’s hard to fight this way. A sore throat cured to having a sneezing attack is quite annoying. I just wished that it could stay steady so I know exactly how to attack it. This is a smart bug. This is so hard to contain. I will not give up. By the way, I haven’t taken a day off or taken a medication to date. Do the math.

So rest is now my next solution. After writing and posting this, I will have at least a day in between to rest before writing on my other blog site on Thursday. Please check it out at Much appreciated.

This may sound like a broken record but I’ve disliked taken surveys over the years until now. Since there are different type of surveys online, the option is to choose the ones that suits you. Surveys flood my inboxes. That is fine. I am now gravitating to the location surveys which are shorter to take and are more easier to be rewarded. I also make more money from surveys that gives you partial credits for attempting. With surveys like these and more guarantee of a payment, I am taking these as often as they become available coupled with the more harder ones from time to time.

Watching videos was part of my daily goals. Doing this was easy since I could make this run while I go about my business doing other tasks. Walking and listening to music was also part of my daily routine. This summed up all that I’ve been doing all week.

I was able to cash out on some of these platforms making my week a highly rewarding one indeed.

I believe I will continue to cash out as soon as I reached the cash out thresholds. There are a few platforms that I know that will reward you even for cashing out. This is great since you will never ever start at zero when you cash out.

What I did mostly was promoting my blog sites. Traffic exchanges(TEs) really help me reach my goal to get the views on my site and others’ sites as well. I even made some money in the process.

So I made my monthly goal in September 2022. I formulated a plan previously to reach my monthly viewers goal. The more I continue to do this is the easier it gets each month. Furthermore, creating daily and weekly goals help to make my monthly goal a reality.

I planned on continuing exactly what I did last month to reach my goal this month. Getting eyeballs on my blog sites and every sites I promote is key. I will continue to find the best money making platforms and share it with you and to update you with ways to increase your earnings from time to time. Please grab these opportunities as they become available since they won’t last forever.

Here are some tips to help you stay In the game to continue to make money daily weekly and monthly.

  • Do not leave money on the table.
  • Use these platforms to it’s fullest
  • Use these platforms daily
  • Share them to others
  • If your routine is working, stick with it.
  • Change or delete activities that doesn’t work
  • Have fun. Not stress.

I hope your day, week and month is productive and profitable.

To your success.



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