Battle Scars

Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday to you. It’s probably already Wednesday where you are, so I hoped your yesterday was good and your day today is greater.

Uncharted Territories

Stay safe is an option. Be behind the lines and hunker down as fellow employees. Take a check each week and say thank you. Wait again for another check as long as everyone follow the rules. The rules keep us safe. I am in familiar territory with people I know but rarely . Trust or not, everyone is reaching out for a paycheck. It really hurts when most decide to do as they please here. It is “my job”. This is “my workplace”. Owners love to hear those words even though they know “it ain’t true”. Loyal to their “sweat and blood” putting themselves in uncharted territories and to further aid their mission with help from employers with a handout of payment for hard labor with a false sense of ownership. This “ain’t theirs”. Keep this in mind. Rental over ownership.

Mind you. Some of these owners were born in those uncharted territories that others like myself are exploiting. We want to know what is going on [on] the other side of the fence. We know that playing it safe is mediocre at best. Hunkering down behind the lines gives us peace and tranquility. When does peace and tranquility pay the bills and gives us lifestyles? If you think that lifestyle is taking a yearly trip and looking forward to holidays and weekends but work hard on “your job” the rest of the way, then this is permanently for you. “This is where I cross the line”.

Battle Scars

The business owners who has been in uncharted territories never played it safe, not entirely their own lives. They needed more to life for ownership. It’s never about controlling others, it’s about taking care of their own destiny. Some got it done easily,others not so much.

I have a lot to be thankful for. Entering these new zones bring disaster. In my earlier years with MLM businesses, a coworker said that I looked stressed out. It probably was a Monday or Tuesday. I may had a weekend conference or meet up then came straight to the job. Tired was the more appropriate word to use. This particular coworker didn’t care much if I succeeded or not anyway and was trying his best to prove a point. Another asked if I was rich yet. The audacity. I would have gotten closer to rich if he’d had joined me, I said. The abuse was clear enough to discourage me but I pressed ahead.

The option to press ahead instead of playing it safe can take a toll. I remember boiling water in a kettle and forgot to turn on the flame. Not realizing this until ten minutes afterwards. Crack screens on three mobile phones in a year while out working online. Hurt right knee travelling on bus on cross country bus tour. Fell and hurt the other knee a few weeks later. The lack of adequate sleep can take it’s toll. Getting to bed late to get up early can make the mind and body go crazy. But as planned, I still pressed on the same as today as I’m writing this.

It’s Fall here in the City I reside in. Last Summer brought extremely hot weather and bugs of all shapes and sizes. To this day, I’m still trying to figure out what’s been biting me all those time. Mosquitoes weren’t the only ones taking a bite out of me judging from the marks on my skin. Now it is the rain and the cold that I have to content with. The beat goes on.

Playing it safe may bring peace but yield no rewards. Where is the battle cry. The torch which is yours not your bosses’ to carry. The countless hours on the job. The nights. The weekends. The holidays. You may get a bonus each year if you are lucky. The scars you own are not for you if you play it safe.

In conclusion and after licking my wounds here is the battle plan to share.

  • Find your passion
  • Set your goals
  • Make a decision to not look back
  • Renew your mind
  • Be the best
  • Share to others
  • Have fun in the trenches

And above all else. Show love to others and Our God Almighty who comes first in our battle plans. Make the scars you show be for you in helping yourself and others.

Thanks for reading.

See you next week.

Ainsford (AP)


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