Pipe Dreams

Got an idea? Ok. So you do. Are you formulating a plan on how to make it a reality? Is this just talk? Are you really serious about making it a reality? Or is it just a pipe dream?

Failure to get your friends and family to back us on our dreams and goals can become a pain in the buttocks. It’s even worse when everything you ever did was a failure. I’ve read about some of the great ones who lost everything in their quest to success, even wives and close friends bid them farewell and happy riddance. It’s really hard to fail your way to success. Patience will always prevail.

The question is. Are your love ones willing to go the distance with you? Time will tell.


In The Honeymoons(a 50’s television series based on two family friends and neighbors living the American Dream), Ralph Kramden usually is the one with the ideas to make it big but always comes up short in the end. Wile E Coyote and his Acme products to catch The Road Runner, clever, yet many mishaps in the end that yields nothing but pain. The Pinky and The Brain quest to “take over the world” started out right but failed also in the end make for an hilarious television series. We laugh. We laugh some more. We wanted more of these failures that make for great television shows. The real life isn’t so. No one finds this endeavor amusing, unless, they are having a wonderful time finding the right formulas for success. When it comes down to struggling with your partner to make ends meet, and mouth to feed, this is no laughing matter on your partners behalf.

Thomas Edison was the master of failure in his time. Success came way afterwards.

No one will ever understand your quest to success unless their goals are align with yours. To this day, I never understand why some people fail to choose ones to aligned to their goals yet sabotaging their very own future.

I mentioned this once that I was looking for partners for my online venture. I showed this gentleman a very good business plan. I thought he liked me which was great as well. In the end, he informed me that he will have to consult with his wife. What? I couldn’t get them both to show the plan at the same time. I wish I did. There is no way he could convince his wife with the same gusto as me. She would derail him. Since I couldn’t get them both again for a meeting, I finally gave up on him and annoyingly her as well.


The American Dream Vs Pipe Dream.

Many people from other countries come to America to live a life unknown to them in their countries or territories. They want to live the American Dream so to speak. Growing up in America, I was taught, as tens of millions with or before me that in order to live a good life. First I need an education. Go to school. Get a good job and make a life with that. That is the dream for having a wonderful life so to speak. Anything else would be failure. In order to not disappoint ourselves and our love ones, one has to follow those steps in order to success. Let me stop here for a minute and come back to it.

I let a Life Insurance Agent into my home to a meeting to see what insurance was best for me. Upon entering my apartment, he looked around and stated that I was living the American Dream. I had a college degree, I had a good job (what ever good means), nice apartment and little to no debt and responsibility. Back then, I never thought that this was the dream I aspired for. I was shocked when he said this was a dream and to me this was just an average lifestyle. Maybe he thought this was the best for me as an immigrant, or, maybe this is his way of great living in general. Not to me back then. I knew I was destined for greater things.

Let’s get back to my previous note. Get an education. A good job. Be successful. This is the order that makes for the American Dream or lifestyle. We were taught this. Government likes this. Why? Tax, and more tax. Employees are taxed before the start of the game. Employees are money infusions to jumpstart any economy. We all have to pay our share, but, there is more to life than death and taxes if one choose to believe that. So here is the order of the average lifestyle if followed correctly. Get educated. Get a good job. Get married. Buy a house. Start a family. Well done. So the American Dream is no pipe dream since it is already prepared for anyone looking to live the average lifestyle.

Applied Learning

If you’re the smartest person in the room, you better get out quickly. Aligning yourself with underachievers can be toxic to your system. I’ve come across some “smart” people in my lifetime with lots of talk and no action. I despise the ones who fail to make their visions a reality. Just keep quiet then, but no, they want to be heard and seen. They want you to see how smart they are. But this is foolishness. It is much better to keep quiet and succeed than to be loud and a failure. No one will trust a loud person with pipe visions either.

My quest is not to be “smart” but to learn from everyone and the system each day. Learning is power. Learning offers knowledge. There is a difference in just dreaming and not venturing out to put what you learnt to the test, to make those dreams a reality. Kudos to the ones who does but fails. An hex on those who waste their time and energy deceiving themselves and others. Pipe dreams or not. Applied learning is a much better deal.

All the best.

Ainsford (AP)


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