No Glamour Here

Hello everyone.

If you are looking for glitz and glamour. St🛑p right now. You are reading the wrong blog. For everyone else. A big Welcome to you.

There are numerous times that I find myself dozing off working online. No matter how much I rested the previous night or naps in the afternoon. Making money online may not be the most glamorous things to do. Ok. So you are making the money. It is still not possible that each day in the life of you, that you are going to feel up to doing anything at all. Maybe you are not feeling well. Too hungry or had too much to eat. Maybe you got distracted…say a friend or family member may call or message you therefore messing with your flow…sapping the living daylights out of your energy flow. Anything else may happen, nevertheless, I cannot get anything efficiently done sometimes. Tired. Maybe. Bored. Perhaps. The good news is, I managed to keep these feelings to a minimum. The sad new is…it is work.

I am going to share some of the ways I keep my rhythm in check. If you are looking for fun online folks..unless you’re playing games or watching videos(be mindful that any activity you do can still make you tired). My internal mechanism kicks in each time for ways to minimize those tired, boring and those least glamorous moments.

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Outdoors vs indoors

Your eyes do get tired if you are constantly working online . Your eyes get tired, then, it’s nap time or resting those eyes without ever getting back online. I found myself falling asleep with programs running and I’m not running to this at all. I may recover. If not. It’s Goodnight. I used to do well working in bed. At the moment. No way. In the Summer time being outdoors in the park can make for some good productive days. On colder days a coffee shop or restaurant will do. As long as I’m outdoors, the better.

Being outdoors give me a bigger boost. It makes me want to do more. Seeing like minded people outdoors as if they are competing to get their work done faster and with more efficiency than myself

Another booster for me is a good distraction. Runners in the park. Good musicians playing and singing. Smokers of all kind, loud music and cursing are not good distractions. In these cases, I just pack up and relocate my position.

Passive vs manual

Give yourself an option. Like I did. Choose when you work. Where you work. How you work. Since my last post, I found some new ways to let the work work itself. I used to promote my sites passively at first at a cost. Now I mainly promote manually which is cheaper. It doesn’t stop there. I still passively run more applications (which I re-discovered) on my devices. When I decided that I am tired and feel like retiring for bed, I can still do the basic tasks while passively generating income at the same time. So the solution is to build big. Do enough at your convenience when these wornout emergency emerges. If you don’t give yourself options? Do the math. You will be leaving money on the tablet being unproductive.

Tip: Set daily, weekly and monthly goals. Sometimes you may need this set to get completely back on track when your energy gets back up to normal. For example. You may have to play catch up on your week’s goal if you missed your day’s goal threshold. This may affect your month’s goal as well since all are tied in together. Tip#2: If you are having a great energy level on particular days, do more to surpass your day’s goal. In the end, you may not have to work too hard playing catch up each week if you struggle on a certain day. Work smart not hard each days.

Leader or follower

This is not a job. It is a business. Treat it as such. Take the lead. Do whatever is possible to make it to the top. Review your ultimate goal. Your goal maybe to retire early or to quit your day job. Stick to the game plan even if you are having a terrible day. In this case as I mentioned earlier, is to play catch up. I do the best I can and very early in the morning when my energy level is at its peak. There maybe an ebb and flow in my energy level as it gets into the late afternoon and evening or anytime after dinner. I never use my day job as a factor for tiredness or mediocrity. I work hard for the boss, I work harder for me. I may not have ownership in my job but I have ownership in my business. It may not be a conventional business but if it’s bringing in the money then it is my business. I take the leadership role.

  • Leadership is finding new ways to doing things
  • Leadership is getting up when fallen
  • Leadership is doing not complaining
  • Leadership is being on top of your game.

It may seem like fun. It may seem as success. It may get you what you want and the freedom to getting it. It maybe rewarding and a blessing. To achieve this, work is required. To achieve this, there won’t be any Glitz nor Glamour

Thanks for reading this to the end.

Enjoy your day



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