“A “Niche” in Time…Saves..”

What is the meaning of “a stich in time saves nine?” Well according to some sources it means that if you can solve a problem while it is still small then you can prevent it from growing larger and larger in the future. As in a “stitch” as in sewing, if you found a small hole in a garment and stitch it pronto, you may have prevented a bigger hole in the future. Saving time. You may have saved that garment forever in the process.

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You may be a seamstress or a tailor. I am not. Not by profession. I may know how to hem a garment, sew buttons on and patch a hole from time to time..but sewing is not my “cup of tea”. I may solve a stitching problem for me or my inner circle which is small, but not on a global scale. Don’t ever seek me out for that form of service. Sewing may be your talent. You perhaps found ways to share your talents or join in groups that does sewing. This is your niche. This past Summer, I was graced to see knitting clubs meeting up in the park I frequented. We love you for making us look good and dress for success.

We have a problem. The world has a hole that needs fixing. It’s not that we are short on talented people, it’s that we are short on more talented people coming out to fix that hole. If we can start say, the inner cities where crime is rampart, or talent is short because of the lack of education or upbringing, getting more talent to fill that hole may solve a solution or help to plug that hole…and helping that community. I’ve seen so many wasted talent go by the wayside. Laziness is a factor where fun comes first then it’s the work instead of the other way around. I understand. If crime is rampart and lives doesn’t matter to most, then what ever I’m saying now will not happen now until that problem is resolved at first. Well at least, there is the internet. That brings us to the unconventional ways over the convention ways for doing things. More mental over physical ways to sharing our talents.

Everyone knows the internet. Most spend their lives here surfing the web. There is no shortness on talent on the web. There are the bloggers and the vloggers all over the web. Information is always ready at the press of a button. We maybe bombarded with information to confuse a whole generation. Are there more room for more talents? I say yes. Yes as in, the population is growing at warp speed. Sorry to say this, but time is moving fast as well. Children are growing up as fast. Fast is the word with laziness as it’s enemy. City by city. Neighborhood by neighbourhood. More talents coming out may save a generation and fix a need if needed.

Let’s change this topic a bit and talk about niches. We all have our likes and dislikes. As in music, there is reggae, soul, gospel, Jazz, etc. In food, there is Chinese, Mexican,etc.

There are ways that you can use the niche that you like or support and use it to create a service to others. I am not a writer by profession. I rarely talk or write when I was young. In school I was called a lazy writer by my English teacher. She also said that I’ve had potential-whatever that meant. Currently, lazy or not, I find it exciting to blog in the niche I chose. When you are passionate about a topic, your are more able to share easily and to have fun in sharing and doing as well.

So you see. Where there’s a will, there’s a talent needed out there willing to assist those in need. We are always in need of new talents. Do not forget that everyday there are new people visiting the web seeking assistance. Find your niche. Find your passion. Fill the gaps as needed. I believe if each community will help in this cause, the world will be a better place. Maybe this is all wishful thinking. Not everyone will want to do this. We don’t want everyone to do this. But if a few more can, it would make a big difference in the world.

I’m no tailor. I will not teach you how to sew nor to knit. This is not my niche. For those who do, fix that hole before it becomes bigger and bigger. With our own talent, we will be able to fix any holes in our own niches just by following your lead. You make us look good on the outside, we will make you look good on the inside by putting our own talent to work.

“A Stitch in Time saves Nine”

Thanks for reading.

Ainsford (AP)



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