$peak Up

Hello everyone. It is unusually warm this time of the year in the Northeastern USA. It’s not normal but it’s reality, so I’m taking advantage of it and being careful to dress wisely and appropriately, since it is still Fall not Summer.


The holidays are coming!!The holidays are coming!! You might be asking, what holidays. Well, this month of November in The USA, it’s Thanksgiving. Christmas and New Years to everyone else in December and January. Here’s a fun fact. Did you know that there is an holiday in every month of the year..every year. If you are always broke, now you know the reason. To top that off, lately, everyday, there is a day of something or something. Leading up to this question. Why? Today as I’m writing this, I was reminded of free brewed coffee Mondays for a limited time. With a purchase no less from my coffee shop. A few weeks ago, there was a day reserved for free brewed coffee globally. I got my free coffee today but lately I’m not too anxious to wait in long lines for freebies. I love to get in and out of these coffee shops… that is the reason I always love to order ahead on an app… But that’s my point of view. Each has his or her point of view and retailers like to know what they are thinking.


Holidays mean shopping. A day for or of something means shopping. The key word is: Shopping. Consumers, say for example,love free coffee. Retailers want us in their establishments. Free coffee means more traffic. Free means more exposure for them. Best of all, it’s the customer experience that is setting the trends. The best in class customer service experience.


I noticed these questionnaires at the end of some of those mile long receipts during checkout. Sometimes you are prompted to answer a brief question at checkout for your satisfaction with their services. I never fill out those questionnaires. No time for that. There is promise of a monetary prize or other benefits if you are picked at drawings. By the way, you may do those surveys over the phone if you wish. Retailers want to fix what’s wrong with your experiences at their establishments or to make it even better over time.

Our opinions help. When we speak up as consumers, retailers listen. They need to listen or lose our business all together. There are a few ways in which we could have our say and make it being worthwhile for us and retailers. If not directly, retailers may use a third party. I will briefly state what these options are and my involvement in them.

Secret Shoppers: I had a chance to do this. When you sign up for these assignments, you need to know exactly what you are looking for when you shop. To simply this, there is a check-list. Your assignment may be for a specific department in a retail store. Go there and shop for an item specified. When your assignment is over, a report is written and sent in to the curator for review. If satisfied, you will get paid for your trouble. You may even get reimbursed for the item you purchased even though you may get to keep it. I had an opportunity to go to the movie theater a few times for a review. I am no longer doing this since this is time consuming on my part. For those who do, good luck and happy earnings.

Surveys: Surveys may come as online formats, direct mailing or over the phone. I have never done one over the phone. The online based ones come in long to short versions and in between. They mostly specify the duration of each one. To simplify this process, surveys can be tailor made to fit your profile. Make sure you speak the truth and be consistent or you can be disqualified or even suspended or worst, banned from taken any at all. There is also ones known as focus groups where surveys are conducting in a face to face group settings or over the phone. If I was to sit and do surveys all day, I would definitely make tons of money. I don’t like taking surveys. I admit. I am taking more surveys today than I do in the past. I now do at least do a few as soon as I have a little more time on hand.

Product Testing: I had a few products drop shipped to me to try for a little while then write about how I feel about these products after trials. The good thing about these offers is that the products are yours to keep. I know I am still with these companies that do these, but, I haven’t done this in a few years. The bad news is that you don’t get monetarily paid for doing this. You only keep the products. I may consider participating in this again in the near future.

Polls: These are easy to take. Again, no money to be made here. Some survey platforms may pay you cents for taking these everyday. I do polls on location surveys or other versions within the applications to supplement my earnings.

You might think that whatever you have to say may go on deaf ears by these retailers. To me it does not matter as long as I’m getting paid for my input. In stores directly, you may not get paid. With a third party option, you will. These third parties are being paid upfront to gather information and they split their revenues with you for helping them out.

Honesty is the best policy when taking these surveys. I get hundred of invitations each month. I may not be qualified for all but when I do, I get paid. Be truthful and consistent in your answers. Give as much information about yourself as possible as needed in your profiles. Take your time when doing these surveys. They are all time based. Finishing too quickly may disqualify you even if you are close to completing them.

Companies want you to Speak Up. Whatever you say can be used to make them a better customer experience not just for you but for everyone else, worldwide.

Have you checked out my blog site at http://www.ap24hoursonline.blogspot.com See my most recent post on survey sites I highly recommend.

Thanks for reading.

To your Success.



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