They come full circle

Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday. Hope everyone’s week was good and productive. My week was good. Still finding those new apps and platforms to add to my portfolio. The job is to put them all together to let them all work in tandem.

“What goes around, comes around” as the saying goes. Be careful what bad messages or deeds you are offering to your friends, family and associates. You don’t want to have that same old negative energy coming back around to hit you in your tail bone. It is better to be good, be honest in your ways if you want to be treated with the same honesty and respect.

I did some wrong in the past but I always wanted to forgive anyone who wronged me as much as I want to apologize for wronging anyone. Keeping gossips at a minimum and praising more will be my new thing moving forward. I don’t gossip but at times I get caught up in the moment to trash talk just to keep the conversation going. I am thankful that I am now keep conversations at a minimal level.

Everything we do comes in full circle. You get in what you dish out. You future and currently where you and I are now are the decisions that we made in the past. The good thing is that, we have the time to change our future for the good or the better. It is all based on our decision for change and adoption. Sharing some random topics to see where they tie into our everyday lives.


Here is the misconceptions on money. First and foremost, money is not evil. It’s an object. It’s the love of it which is evil. Money is not scarce as well. It is scarce for those who chases it to the ends of the earth, thinking that it is going out of business. Strange as this may sound. The rich are hoarding it in the “quad-trillions” yet, there are money coming back out the tubes at “quad-trillions” rate as well for everyone else. The lovers of it maybe wealthy or poor. The bad news is, as an end result, evil doesn’t come out for the good in us just as well as good doesn’t come out for the bad in us. Money is only a bartering agreement. I give you money. You get my goods. So what is the big deal with money? Let me share my point of view on money.

Education: I am nosey. Writers are critics. Writers or bloggers like myself, who are out and about, observe people and their surroundings. I am not staring at you because I want to date or hang out with you. I don’t despise you. Your actions or appearance may stand out more to get my attention. “Hello public smokers and drinkers in my space”. “Will come back at you in another post but not today. When you are educated enough to know what money really is, the better for you. Paychecks: I observed payday for some to be like public holidays. Everyone is happy leading up to this moment. Some will even bring their family to pay sites. It is good to appreciate your wages for honest work. But really? Public spectacle is a far cry from appreciation. Hoarding: Save for a rainy day is what we are taught. Hoarding is another level. I’m not a hoarder, but I love to use other people’s money, as in credit or loans, to do business or to educate myself. Doing this just in general is bad for your health and wellbeing. I observe people counting their money in public. I see the love for it there as well. To brag and tell the world how much money you possess is just as evil as in the love of it.

When you know the value of money and it’s reason for being, will bring solace to you. This will give you a peace of mind. It is not about wanting more but won’t-because you believe it is evil to do so. Saying that money is scarce and hard to get is another. When you look at money as the only important thing in your lives to love and to hold; and will do grave deeds to get it and keep it, to brag on your worth, will make you a slave to it[money]. Money comes full circle.

Mental Capacity

Have you seen the news or front pages of your neighborhood newspaper. It’s mainly negative. The internet is full of negative images. It is good to know what is going on in your communities and the world. Being consumed by it is another. We cannot avoid negative play in our society. It is the core of our society. It’s the sex, lies and videotapes that’s eating our minds with negative thoughts. Hatred, prejudices, racial and entitlements sells at a premium. The people of the world are fed with these information, creating fear and indifferences. Here are some of my thoughts on mental capacity.

Renewing of the mind: We exercise the body for endurance and strength. Right? What about giving our minds some fine tuning. What about a good movie, challenging puzzles, music, an hobby or business to get your minds focus on you and not on society at large. Since we cannot permanently eliminate the negative energy in out lives, building more positive energy to eleviate or to offset negative energy is crucial to having a healthy mind moving forward. Gossiping: Just a few words on this. When you keep speaking negatives behind people’s back, it makes me wonder. Aren’t we putting those people on a pedestal by talking about them that much. So let it be good things. Quit talking too much negative of a person. Say little or just keep quiet. Positive thinking: Keep away from activities or people who are preventing you from obtaining positive attributes. I say again, stay away. If you need change in this department, find new ways to obtain it. Don’t feel bad from disassociating yourself from others who keeps your spirits down in the pits. Find ways to keep those positive thinking a part of your mental education. Renewing of the mind comes full circle.

Each and everyone is entitled to their own opinions. Our opinion defines us as a people. Some may not like what I’m saying today or even anything about my blogging. That is fine. Individual opinions are great if those opinions do not pollute our society and our world at large. Our opinions can either be problems or solutions. Helping yourself is one thing. Polluting others is another. The sad news is that some might not want to listen to you anymore after the fact. They maybe looking for change. They are more knowledgeable now to choose between the past and their foreseeable future.

As we get older. Life becomes more meaningful. We become adults with responsibilities. Life comes full circle. Our past catches up with us. We might decide to ride it out or seek change. The great new is, we have choices to make. Life comes full circle.

I wrote this at the last minute. Was too busy with dispute on the topic than what to write in the body. So here I am posting late. But this is freestyle. Writing freestyle comes full circle.

Thanks for reading.

Good Day Everyone.

Ainsford (AP)


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