Balancing Act

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How was your week? Mine was very productive. I was working under desperation for the first time in a long time and that paid off handsomely. Here’s why.

  • I pushed myself to the limits
  • Tapped into resources I used to ignore
  • Gained more confidence
  • Made more money easily

The keys words are: I made more money easily.

Patient: The Golden Rule

Time freedom

I am never the person to give up. When I used to work a Monday to Friday job and sometimes on the weekends, I had a set schedule to work on my blogs and other activities online. It’s the early mornings before I go to the job, during my breaks on the job and to finish off when I left the job for the day. I kept that consistent for many years. At the beginning of this year, I decided to work lesss hours on the job enabling me to have more days off. This has paid off handsomely. Not only do I have the time to do more work online, I can get more rest as well. It so happens that I can get more work done and totally at my own pace.

Being patient is what did it for me over the years. Even before I stared writing. Working with the time and resources on hand, I was able to build a schedule that works around my work online rather than around the bosses’ job. Opportunity to change my schedule came at a great time. No doubt. I am gearing myself for total time freedom in the future which will lead to financial freedom as well.

My Resources

Ever search for a thing in a hurry? This can be depressing since time is always an issue. You need that thing and you need it now. Good luck with that. Nine times out of ten, you are going to be late for where ever you were rushing to go. Well, until you find what you were looking for. I learned this technique. Step back. Breathe. Gather my thoughts then continue searching. I have a technique to finding things. I can tap into that resource to aid me in finding things. My work ethic is another resource to getting things done. I know my ability. I can tap into that as well when I’m working online. My mental capacity is one thing. What about the resources on hand to make money. Building those resources is one thing. Forgetting or ignoring them is another. During this week, not only had I tapped into my resources, I also relied on my confidence to use those resources to the fullest.

Getting a balance

This is what happen when you don’t have a balance in life. You ignore everything else and get burnt out in the end. It is good to love what you do. What good is it to ignore all the other goodies in life. Where is the spice? Where is the sizzle to it. I love the movies. I love a good television series. I love to eat and rest at times. My nap time is one of my favorite pasttimes. I love the beach and a walk in the park. I love to view nature and be one with it. Work is one thing. Being over work is another. If you don’t take that time out, you may make the money, yes, but you will be too tired focusing on one thing. Here is how my working on line is working for me.

  • I can use more resources to maximize my earnings
  • I can mix and match to suit my needs
  • I can work on my own schedule
  • I can set goals to carry out my plans
  • I will always get things done in the end

It will take patience to know your abilities and to build and use your knowledge to get things done to make your life’s work《work》 for you. As for me, the opportunity to get more time off weekly paid off for me withing the first year. It may take some time, but with patience in your arsenal, the focus is staying true to what you do even when life seem to be at a standstill.

As big as a portfolio as I have, it is so easy to miss out on opportunity because I’m hooked to do specific tasks. Mind you. Those tasks are indeed important, but yes, I was leaving money on the table by ignoring what ever I’ve built in the past. Now I believe I now can have the balance to maximize my earnings. Thanks to time management and by using 《all》my resources.

How you manage your time online is up to you. My strategy may or may not work for you. Devise your own strategy that will work in your favor. Don’t forget to clink on my banners/advertising and sign up for free.

Thanks for reading.

See you at my next post.


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