Don’t do it!!!

Well hello everyone. It’s Tuesday. Welcome to another day of my blog. It’s Blogging time.

Today I’m going to talk about the things I do and don’t do online. I’m also going to share some insights with you on how to remain in the game and not get suckered into things which are scams in nature.

Too good to be true

First and foremost. I refuse to share my links and invite with others before I’m sure that these platforms work and payouts are real. Some applications may work well for some but not too good for others. The problem with that is…your device may have software issues. I used to think that due to the fact these programs don’t work is that it is a scam. Such may not be the case. Moving forward. If things seem too good to be true, maybe they are. If you suspect that a scam is in place, don’t even attempt to get into it. Just don’t do it.

Here are platforms that I red-flagged. Payouts are high with minimal work. This is a get-rich-quick scheme. Think about it. If a payout is high for say, thousands of people, where is all the money available from the developer for a quick payout? Where is all that money coming from? Is it scam from some to pay others? In this case. It’s delete. I just won’t do it.

Ads are necessary for platforms to stay afloat. Too many ads to watch maybe a way to get you paying dearly for them to make them rich. You may be promised high payouts if you watched the quadrillion ads that they are offering. Most will just quit. I avoid these ad hungry platforms. I avoid these platforms.

Have you ever read some of those reviews where these platforms are rated the best in class. Look at what some other people are saying. The real people. A high rating maybe from the developer and his circle of friends and family to get you reeled in. Look at what the real people are saying. If they are too many negatives. Don’t get in. If you are encountering the same crap, just get out immediately.

I no longer look at those marvelous ads that shows all those money flashing around. It may be raining money but they will no longer be raining on my parade. Won’t do it.

What you know….

I love to stick to the platforms or applications that I know. My job is to check out those that I do not know as well. The ones that I red flagged are not even on my list anymore. Unfortunately, deceptions can come in many ways or forms. Spotting all of them can be hard. Even reading those reviews can throw me off track. In the end it’s the payment. Payment on time all the time.

Let’s look at our source for information. As I mentioned earlier, looking at those application reviews can be a deception in itself. Learning on my own can be tough. There are some sources that I do trust for information. For example. People I do know and trust. Like minded people like myself. Since some are mainly in it to make money, they won’t put their reputation on the line and to lose money in the end.

Affiliated programs are strong sources for my information. These programs are geared to help me reach the highest earnings potential. They are geared to help the serious minded individuals like myself.

It is better to know before you go. Surprises can lead to wasting time and frustrating. If you are not thick skinned and in it no matter what, you will never make it to your full potential working online.

In conclusion..opting to stick with me for one of your source is good for you and me. For me to share with you things I don’t believe in is not me. I would have tried and tested these platforms now or in the past. I don’t believe in”pyramid schemes” or the get rich quick methodology. Slow and steady wins the race for me. If you still decided to do things your way and be happy with that, it’s up to you. Otherwise, if to be in step in with I do, I applaud you. “Just do it” or don’t. Period.

Have a wonderful day.



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