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Good day everyone. Welcome to another Tuesday. It’s Blogging time!!

I hope everyone’s week was productive since my last post.

Previously, I wrote about payment proof from platforms that really pays. The question is.. how soon did I get paid?

Mind you. Payments may come immediately or up to five business days. Please read the companies policies on duration of payments and type of payments associated with these platforms. Secondly, please use your real name and payment addresses or your payments will be delayed or rejected. This is bad for you if you needed the payments in an emergency. I will be sharing some platforms/applications that pays you withing twenty four(24) hours or less. Let’s start with…

Survey on the go…This app pays me cash to take surveys. You should try it!

Download this app to your mobile device, set it up and turn on your location service. They will match you to a survey based on your location and your profile. Surveys are quick and easy to answer. You may even get partial payments if unable to qualify for the full survey.

Rewards App…You can earn free gift cards with Rewards app. Sign up with my code and we can both get redeemable points. 😁💰My code: pimsYp

Download the app to your mobile device, set up and turn on your location service. You can set it and don’t do anything else. For extra points, you can answer short surveys based on your location.

Mobile Performance Meter ..Hey want free gift cards? Go to

Download and set up on your device. Set it and forget if you like. For extra points, you may answer short surveys. This is the lazy person app to guarantee dollars for basically doing nothing.

Just Play…Hey! This app actually pays every day! I’ve already made $12.46 with JustPlay.

Play your favorite games and get paid every few hours. This is a great way to pass the time to make money from games that you love to play. The more you play is the more you earn. You can even watch short videos and ads when they become available.

$’more.. – I use $’more & get paid for using my phone. It’s stupid easy. Download with this link & get a bonus when you sign up.

Download to your device, set it up and let it run in the background of your device and go about your phone activities as usual.

These are just some of the many applications and platforms that pays you quickly and timely as well. These apps won’t sell or gather your data for nothing as those other online free platforms that pays you nothing. If you wish, you may use other devices that you have as minor devices and set up those applications on them. Feel free to sign up on all since they won’t interfere with what ever you normally do online.

Using these applications/platforms won’t get you rich but they can be great to supplement your income if your income is fixed or not making any money whatsoever. All these are free to join.

Check these out and tell me what you think.

To your success.


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