Free Your Mind

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Today I’m going to focus on mind, memory or anything associated with my mental capacity to get things done on the job or on my business ventures online. Here’s a great concept to start…”When you ease your mind, your thoughts will follow”.

On Blogging

Blogging comes easy when I know what to blog about. There are fifty two weeks in a year and time appears to travel quickly. I can assure you that most topic and writing usually start the day before the post deadline, so it’s mostly a rush. My post are done on a Tuedsday from 6am to 10am. I found myself sometimes posting after 10am. Will posting on a Wednesday instead will give me more planning ahead? I guess not. I love the freestyle in writing. That is to pick a topic “off the bat” and blog away.

The great thing is that I know that I have a schedule to write on this day. When I do it is beside the point. Remembering is key. I remember this schedule because of my mental capacity to stick to the things that matter. It’s just like setting a goal. I may or may not make that goal. The key here is remembering. Remembering that I have a goal to make is essential.

On The Job

Flexibility is key. Opening my thoughts to do the job and my life’s work is crucial. Here’s why. The driven factor. It’s a reason for doing what I do. What are my reasons? Financial freedom is one. The choice of doing the things I love to do without supervision or approval is another. Focusing on these is the driving factor to get things done in order to accomplish my task on the job and beyond.

Multi tasking is also key to what I do. Can I mix both “business” and “pleasure” in the same sphere without interference from one to the other? My mental capacity to do this will dictate how well I do to get to as many tasks done each day for me and the boss’s job on hand.

On Other Online Ventures

What happens after the job hours are completed and the remaining time to spare in a day is solely up to me. What I do here is crucial to how well I will do in a day, a week or months to come. This is me time. Most don’t fare well after a days work in a job. The possibility to have fun or to rest afterwards after a long day on the job will put a strain on doing anything extra for you in a part-time business or other ventures. The fact remains. If you are too tired after a day on the job, the likelihood of doing anything else business after that is rarely possible.

It really doesn’t matter how many hours or being tired on the job to dictate what I do to accomplish my life’s work. Now I have some extra time on hand to work with, but in the past this wasn’t the case. I was driven to do more after the job. Mind you. Sometimes I do not have the energy to do anything. How do I cope with that? To this day, I have a motto. “If I work hard for the boss, I will also work hard for me”. This will apply as long as I have a job and business venture(s) going on together.

Free your mind

“Free your mind and your thoughts will follow

During my days in the Multilevel marketing business (MLM), I was told that you are unable to succeed if you carry around 《mental excess baggage》. If your thoughts are impaired, how can you retain new thoughts? How can you think? Your mind is so bogged down in the gutter. These words were geared directly towards me, but my mind was not as free as it should’ve been. I noticed that I was unable to get my business to the next level for quite a while. I’ve seen all my peers in stable family units getting ahead. Happiness is having a great family unit and support which I lacked at the time. Those who were single were doing great as well. Their minds were free of ill thoughts. To conclude this, once your mind is free of negative thoughts and baggages, better off you will be, the happier you will be. “Free your mind and your thoughts will follow”

Here are some of the exercises I make on a daily basic. Remember. It takes about a month(30 days) to change or make an habit. What I do now is automatic. What ever I say going forward is solely my thoughts and my way. This may not work for you. Here’s a thought on new habits. When people say that you are stuck in your old ways,you can say…”No, I’m stuck in my new ways”

  • Exercise
  • Meditate
  • Listen to music
  • Watch Tv/See a movie
  • Eat right
  • Positive thinking

These are some of the things I do. Stress and anxiety has no part in it. I forgive but never forget. Show love not hate. Whatever I do will have to put me in a mental state of calm. Negative thoughts and people including the media will always be around. No getting around that…but I can prevent most to get into my circle in life. Love is essential above all things.

Finding my purpose in life is another factor. And if many in this world will find their purpose and work on themselves more…the world will be a much nicer place to live in.

In Conclusion…

Free your minds. Show love. Find your purpose. Weed out the negative thinking. Great opportunity awaiting you and me.

Here’s to Your Health and Successs.🍹


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