The Real Giveaway

Happy Tuesday everyone. Posting here from The Garden State. I am in New Jersey by the shore for a few days for some rest and relaxing. I usually travel here most often and even wrote about it months ago. You can check it out here….. See other travels like my three trips to the Philippines pre Covid… and my most recent road trips…. both part 1 and 2

I love to travel. I love to share my travels as well. Putting places on the map to where I’ve been will probably help someone with the decision to visit these places on their next vacation or visits. This can also lead to promoting these places as well. Called this free advertising or word of mouth. We all do do this word of mouth. Free? Mostly. Some retailers may pay you for sharing to others. I believe most will rather do this for free since this is what they are used to doing[for free] in the first place.


Money giveaway

We are creatures of habit. We love to…say giveaway our time and money to others without even blinking. Why? Because this is what we are used to doing. This is what we are taught to do from the beginning of time. Retailers know this. Our employers and the government know this as well. Let’s start on money. Because of our eager to spend all of our money, events like “sales, “clearances”, “Black Friday/Cyber Monday” are geared to take all your money. These events are normally on major holidays like Christmas and Valentines Day which are holidays for giving. Here comes our employers. We work. We get paid. We spend. Then the bonuses for one years’ hardship. Tax returns at the beginning of the year to put extra money in your pockets to giveaway. Thanks to the government. Here is the fact. You can work all your lives and still stay broke all your lives. Factor in cost of living/inflation and cap on your salaries to keep you down forever. Here is the real giveaway: unfortunately, employers and the government love spenders. Spending helps a community strive and government happy. Keeping you here at this level forever helps their bottom line…most are happy here nonetheless.

Time stealers

Over money, time is super important. How we spend our time is very important to how well we strive as a community. I won’t write too much on this right now since my time is of an essence at the moment. All I can say is, the real giveaway: Time will pass you by as quickly as each passing breaths. Time is not money/they are not the same as the saying goes. Education on both time and money is key to what many folks are lacking.

The Real Giveaway

We can fight back. We can use our time wisely. We can spend wisely. We can change the way we think. We can break the habit we were program to keep. How? Again, educating yourselves. Learn the fact that..when we shop at these “sale events”…think for a second. Is the “sale” price a bloated price coming down to the actual price? Do you know what the actually price overall for these items? Again…it is not a “sale” or “savings” if the money you “save” does not go into a savings account or change jar…I can see those jaws dropping.

I do these as a business. I share these on my blog sites and social media. I share these by word of mouth as well. What is it? Before i continue. I can assure you that most people will rather give away their money, make others richer without applying my methods. As I explained earlier, giving money away is the life blood for most people since it’s habitual and convenient to do. Most love to make the rich richer and then watch them show off all their wealth while they stay broke…now my jaws are dropping

Here’s a fun fact: The rich never pay retail prices.

You might be wondering. Why do the rich gets all the perks. They get the perks because they are creating a service to all. Ok. Some big brands are cannibalistic in their behaviors and piracies are in their DNA. The government has a rights to regulate these practices, even though the good will always suffer for the bad in our society. Businesses are preferred over employees. Employees are tax first each paychecks. Businesses get to choose their tax payments periods. Politicians are getting down on businesses and the tax they should pay. I do believe that the government should leave the good businesses alone since they are creating a service to all. Including the poor supporting their bloated brand prices? Well, to each person or race to his or her ways. For everyone else like myself who are frugal in my spendings and shopping, here’s the giveaway. Shop like the rich. Use that extra money to create a legacy, even a small amount. Invest your time and money. Follow below these practices and NEVER PAY RETAIL AGAIN

Be Frugal

Getting cash back and other perks has been around a long time since I first found this out from credit cards, hotel chains and airlines companies. Now most or all businesses has this in their portfolio. They want to create a universe of loyal customers to keep coming back for more of their services and to pass this on to their friends and family. The internet plays a great role in spreading the news fast and applications are created to make life more convenient and easier to manage. I’m going to share some of these platforms that you can use to put money back into your pockers from each and every time you shop. At the end, I will show you how to use what you know and put them all together to even get more bucks in your pockers. Shop like the rich. Let’s be frugal.

(1) I’m inviting you to join Pogo, the free app that gives you rewards on every purchase – without receipt scanning.

Sign up through my link and be sure to enter my code: B1X918. You’ll get 250 bonus pts after you’ve earned 1,000 points in the app.

(2) Hey! Thought you’d like to download Ibotta to save money! It’s a free app that gets you cash back on everyday purchases. Just sign up with my referral code ‘yesfmvo’. Sign up at →

(3) Receipt Hog pays you to upload receipts, take surveys, and more! Download and enter code ruf55781 to earn a special bonus when you upload your first receipt.



Take a look at NCPMobile. It’s a free app that you use to turn your shopping trips into rewards. Use NCPMobile to answer questions about the items you purchase and you’ll get reward points that you can redeem for great gifts. You’ll also gain access to surveys and sweepstakes that will earn you even more points!

Use my referral code, 1D8FE2E, during signup and you’ll get 1000 points just for starting.

Download NCPMobile for free here:

The Real Giveaway: Even though I use more apps/platforms per trip, just want to share these four(4) with you for starters. You don’t have to use my links to sign up. I will recommend that signing on my links since we both will get incentives. The option is yours. These offers may not work in some countries or territories.

Bonus: Use your loyalty programs with these offers. Use your linked credit or debit cards to get extra cards and incentives in addition. Do this for every shopping and never pay retail again. Even from vending machines and newsstands.

Enjoy your Holiday shopping.



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