Hello again and Happy Tuesday to you all. It’s blogging time again. Yeah. I’m switching things up a bit this week and talk about technology. The pros and cons. Let’s dive right into it.

The Reason

The reason for this topic is that our mobile phones appear to control how we behave and act in our society. Technology has taken over our lives. Everything has gone by the way of technology, even the basic things that we do each day. Technology is good for us. Technology is also bad for us. How we use technology is basically up to us. You may ask yourselves, who made who. Men made technology. Men are in control or is it technology? These are my views on this topic.


I’ve noticed that people are not able to put their cellphones down. It’s all in their hands as if they are waiting for the next important call or text. Sometimes it is necessary to be prepared for that next important call or text. Maybe it is to meet up at the meeting location with friends or spouses and need directions. Maybe you are expecting a message from your boss, family member or significant other. That is fine. Sometimes it is unnecessary to be unable to put that phone away. But why?

There are a few occurrences I observed lately. Two people out on a date. Suddenly the interaction stops and both parties are looking at their cellphone screens. Maybe taking to each other without eye contact or not talking at all. When that ends, cellphones in hands or in plain sight as if their phones should be visible at all times.

Some folks believe that they have to take a picture in a crowded street and blocking everyone’s path. “It’s have phone, must take pictures”-syndrome. And taking videos. They will video everyone and everything in their paths. Are they intoxicated or is cellphones a new toy to be played with no matter the cost to the public at hand.

We have reached the stage where cellphones has reached its peak. This means that life without a cellphone for most is the equivalent to lacking air to breath.

The pros

Technology has helped my cause. It enables me to manage my time and space effectively. I am able to communicate and in some form, it’s great for entertainment. I evolved. I can use technology to my advantage. It is a great tool. It’s the misuse of technology and the dependent on it that can “raise one’s eyebrows”.

Cellphones and tablets are good tools to have at my disposal. I prefer to carry around cellphones since they are lightweight and can be stored away easily. I refer to cellphones as “my employees” since they pretty much do all the work for me. If you saw me with cellphone in hand, whether I’m mobile or stationary, it’s a high probability that I’m working online, as I’m doing at the moment in blogging.

The cons are at the beginning of my writing


Addiction is not limited to sex, drugs or alcohol. If you are unable to put down your cellphones even for a minute, you have an addiction. If you don’t care if you lose your jobs by breaking the cellphone code. You have an addiction. If you always have the urge to text, watch videos while on a date or at a meeting. You have an addition. If social media is your livelihood. You have an addiction. If technology wakes you up and set your schedules. You have an addition. If all this applies to you. You have a crisis.

I admit. I used to feel upset when I didn’t did a response from posting on social media. It doesn’t bother me anymore. I am hardly posting personal items on social media. It’s all business for me these days. People seem to be checking their phones for the likes and to see who is on social media. These notification indicators are turning everyone into cellphone junkies.


Turn off your notification bells, please. You get a million emails and social media interaction to wreck yourself each time you are notified. Visit someone instead of constantly texting and calling. Stop the movie and television show binges on your work schedule and important meetups. Unlike me who makes money on my phones, put your cellphones to rest. Check out by blogs weekly and click on my offers. If all this don’t work. Seek therapy.

See you on my next blog post.

Have a great rest of the week

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