The Source For Knowledge

Hello again my friends. If you are reading this then you are alive…and it’s Tuesday.

It was difficult to come up with a title to my blog this week even though I had a few thoughts in mind late into putting anything into writing. Today. We will talk about mentorship and the source of your information. Well, my way.

Teacher’s Pet

I was no teacher’s pet in school. I was too shy. I rarely talk in one of the noisiest classes ever. I was into my lessons nonetheless. Getting up and close to a teacher was not in my character.

No one likes a teacher’s pet. You cannot blame a teacher for handpicking a student to mentor. First and foremost, certain characteristics could have been met in that student including character and scholastic potentials. Well, we hope that is all about lessons and it’s not of the “liking” kind or other personal reasons. Thinking about it, it would’ve be cool to be hand picked by a teacher or professor for mentorship minus hatred from my fellow classmates. In reality, we respect our teachers to give us all the information needed to move forward. Nonetheless. Lessons learnt.

Real Life

School is designed to prepare us for adulthood. To prepare us to work with one another. You are on your own when you leave school, unless you were a teacher’s pet and held on to your mentoring teacher for life. Unlikely. But not impossible. Regardless, you are now an adult. You may have continued your education in college or university. You may have gained knowledge from other sort of schooling. Nonetheless. Lessons learnt.


Now everyone’s smart. Regardless of school or home training, the internet search engines are ton loads of free information raining down on everyone. Not only are you now smarter than the average kid, you can check up on companies, places and things in between. Many years ago while I was involved in the affiliate marketing, I showed a prospect one of the best business plans I ever shown. I though I had him “hook, line and sinker”. To my surprised, he said he will get back to me as soon as he googled my business. Sure. He was going to see a ton of negatives from the naysayers. The good reviews always seem to be on the very bottom. I lost a prospect. (Sometimes mentioning googling is more of a cop out more than a concern) Lessons learnt.

Social Media

Social Media is at its peak and so are billions of people. Whatever you want to learn or do, you can find it here as well. Step by step. Ironically, I learned about setting up my first blog site and started blogging that lasted over five years. Mind you, I never thought of, or do any research prior to that. I played rendition to music on my keyboard at the time, from scratch. All this step by step. Thanks to social media. All of a sudden I’m an educated genius. By the way, I was once called an educated fool by an irate ex mate. Lessons learnt.

You should never stop learning. I believe I learn something new almost every day.

Bad News

Bad News or fake news. Sometimes we are taken in a bad turn by listen to what we hear or see in the news. News media is not all truth. If it’s truth, sex, lies and videotapes is what people love to digest. This is what sells. These are the headlines that will grab anyone’s attention. People love gossip. Gossip sells. All this is all about the knowing or the assuming. This not about the knowledge. Bad news or fake news bring more negative into the minds of those who possess so little of positive energy in the first place. Unfortunately this is the source for some for information. Hope lessons learnt.


What sources are you using to gather information. I used to read at three books each month and in meetings had to review what I read as proof. This was a part of the leadership program that I was involved in during my tenure in the multilevel marketing business. My uplines and sponsors were my mentors. Since they were in business for quite a long time before I did and they were making a lot of money as proof. I held on their teachings. I copied all that I learned to take with me even to this day. Lessons learnt.

These are the characteristics I have and maintain to help me to remain on top of my game in information gathering.

  • Keeping an healthy mind. Weeding out the negatives and maintaining the positives.
  • Refusing to listen to the naysayers
  • Associating with mainly positive people
  • Keep on learning each and every day.

I hope everyone have a wonderful rest of the week and a lovely weekend. See you at my next post.

To your success



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