Re-introduction to my blog

Hello and hello again. Let me thank you all for all the support you bring to this blog for over a year. It is time for me to re-introduce myself and the purpose of this blog if you didn’t already know.

What’s the purpose of this blog? The answer to this is easy. It’s all about sharing contents. All contents are tried and proven and are accessible to your mobile devices. All my shared platforms are free to join and you are able to start immediately upon signing up with your real information. These are all paid opportunities which can be done at home or wherever internet connections are available.

My inspiration? What inspired me to blogging is ownership of a platform to share my contents in addition to the free usages social media and other sources deliver..increasing my contents to a wider range of viewers. The key word here is ownership. Ownership gives me the freedom to express my views and to showcase my products and services without limitations. Blogging is personal. My site is my brand. That’s my inspiration.

The name? Simple. I came up with the concept of using the initials to my name coupled with the fact that I am, like others, online for twenty four hours. I believe a brand name should be simple yet unique.

The mission? The mission is to help people in need of doing something different from their regular job. The mission is also simple. Share contents across platforms to assist those in need to work online to supplement or replace their job income. In addition to that, contents on self help, current events and my day to day activities will be also available for your views. Still working on new ways to deliver a wide range of contents to my audience.

The offers? Work from home opportunity based on applications to download from your devices or any other platforms where you can earn income. On the surface, it may seem that some payouts maybe low, but over time and strategies, you can earn decent income from them. Also, affiliation programs where you can join to make some serious income. Self help includes self improvement, positive thinking strategies and health and fitness. Also includes place I visited and what’s in the news. All offers I suggest are free to download and join. I want you in not to spend money but to earn money.

Anything else? Yes. Again, I thank everyone for their support on this site. It’s been fun and a pleasure to serve you.

To your success


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