The Ultimate Sacrifice

Welcome to another week everyone. This is my final post of June 2022. Welcome to Summer USA where Summer is now my favorite season thus far. I am going to switch things around a bit and blog about what it takes for me to stay on top of my game. What I did and continue to do to make the Ultimate Sacrifice.


Nothing beats the constant learning from our own mistakes. As the saying goes, if you never make mistakes,you never tried anything. I am proud to say that I made many mistakes. Be careful though. There are some mistakes that you my never want to repeat. Never know why some people tend to make the same mistakes in life over and over again. Personal themed mistakes is one thing, business or career mistakes is another.

Personal as in relationships rank as the highest mistakes I’ve seen made by many. The risk some takes is behond me. Sometimes lonliness can cloud our judgement of others. I believe that the way one meet as close friends or intimate relationships will dictate how well we fare into the future. Say for instance. Who is to say that a person will change his or her mentality to please you if met under certain circumstances. Be mindful of the places or habits of your prospected mates. They may never change just because you wanted them to. Change will occur only if they seek change.

I blogged previously on the “red flags” that may occur in your daily lives. Sometimes the so-called red flags are just protective barriers that triggers when you suspect danger or deceit. It may be factual, it may be false. Thinking too much may trigger this as well as you being too pessimistic of others. Use your minds not your hearts too much may trigger this. Not giving the good people a chance just because of this pessimistic attitude is a great loss to ever meeting someone special.

In business, knowledge is power if applied wisely. They say, once in business and fail, you can regroup and start a new one..and so on. It’s just like being a former President of a country, say the US. You are still mentioned as President. Experience can be a great friend. A business owner past or present can still be mentioned as a business personnel. Well, that’s my belief.


Knowledge is power. Applied knowledge is better. What’s the use in not using what you have learnt. Success always come at a price, doing is my price. Here’s a classic. While I was involved in the multi level marketing business, I was desperately seeking partners. I noticed some people wanted success for nothing. First one prospect ask, “do I have to spend any money?”. What business doesn’t require you to spend any money. Another prospect decided to sign up and expected me to do all the work and he did nothing. Again, what business is he think he is in that requires no work whatsoever? Not in this world. Since all I was teaching is to use minimal money and minimal work but lots of attitude and desire to push things forward. Learning first. Some hands on. Then fully applied all that was learnt.

What is wrong here? In jobs, all that usually require is ready made script to follow. You learn. You apply. You get a paycheck. Simple. All that I learnt from the multi level marketing business is the same. The difference? Your time back. And second. Make unlimited money if all you did was to follow the script and apply. Application is everything to make your success a success.

I am no longer involved in the multi level marketing business of that kind anymore. My business is still based on marketing strategies that requires work and skills. Skills are required from learning. Learning is only the beginning. Applying what I learnt is key to my just not staying in the game but being on top of my game.

The sacrifice

Here is what is wrong with humans. We are a creature of habits. We hold on this comfort blanket throughout time. Some for life. Going over and behond our means is not so popular. We are told throughout our lives to go to school, get a job and be successful in life. We stick to that script. Our jobs and our bosses become our lifeline. Our lives then become staged or tailor made. Laziness becomes the norm. Well, not so lazy in the sense that some will work the extra hours to make ends meet. Bills has to be paid. We need to look good and eat right. We need the money from our hard labor. Then we die? What do we tell our generation to come? Obviously the things we know. The things we did.

Nothing is wrong with working hard for a living. In certain areas, living expenses are expensive and keep increasing. The average jobs don’t match up to the rising cost of living. Going the extra mile is hard since all bridges are already burnt for most. Starting a business on the side becomes a thing for the future. The two factors that prevent this for most are time and money.

During my recruiting stages in multi level marketing, time and money were the issues for my prospects. Time was limited since the job eats up most of the time. Money appeared tight since living it up and paying the bills were money grabbers. Convincing some people to cut those costs and start an online business or other opportunities were difficult to sell. As I mentioned above, humans are creatures of habits which some refused to break.

When we break those habits. Renew our minds and start to process life differently, then certain things in life that was the unknown becomes known. Then you find the purpose. The need to do things differently becomes possible. You find the way out of your busy job life. Your mission will become bigger than yourself. This was me at the beginning. I always believe that I can achieve more in life just because I think and wish it so.

The outcome

Results is everything. Getting good results from your hard work is key. With negative results a possibility, this is just a part of learning. I remember the times when I worked hard yielding nothing. I always believe that one day I would get the results I always wanted to achieve.

What I love the most with what I do is the ability to work smart not hard. Working smart is the results of hard work being applied for some time. Over time, getting good to better to best is imminent. Goal settings is also the key to staying active each and every day. Staying focus on my goals is essential to staying active as well. I know what I wanted to achieve each day, so I set out to achieve them.

Throughout my blogging, you will see me mentioned various times about time itself. Time is very important for me to stay in the game, to be on top of my game. I already know that time wasting yields nothing. You can never get back time lost. Making up for time is never an option. Life happens anyway. The best option is to use each day wisely, do the extras if possible just in case of life getting in the way one day.

Change is possible throughout our lives if you choose that change. Time is short but you can learn to use time at your disposals if you wish. The ultimate sacrifice would be to change our mentality in life itself. Think more outside the box. Think wealth not mediocre, always. Renew the thinking of your minds. I made that sacrifice many years ago and still moving forward. Life now becomes easier and all my days are purposeful.

I hope me sharing this helps heal those wounds. Please share this post with those in need of help.

I thank you.

Thanks for reading. See you at the best post.

To your success



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