The rat race

Well the “rat race” is a term used in the job world whereas majority of the population are here and knows it so well. It’s going to a job each day. The rush to get to and from work is seen each day and can also be termed as “rush hour”. Jobs are essential to humans since it is the most used way of making money. Your money is capped nonetheless. You will not make more than your boss. It’s like a pyramid scheme where ones on top as employer stays on top of the totem pole. The “crab in a bucket” mentality is where employees seem to drag each other down to stay on top. “Water cooler mentality” is the term used for gossipers who tend to gather by the water cooler for gabbing. Well to talk about others. Mainly not in good terms.

All that’s mentioned above is no news since most people are here or were here at some times in their lives.

Moving with the crowd is the norm especially when living in a big city. Not too much so during the reign of the covid pandemic. There wasn’t too much crowd to move with. Currently, most don’t even want to make that move anymore. The boss allows most to work from home during those moments. The boss probably now regretted making that decision. People are tired. They seize the opportunity even after the pandemic. Those who returned are non committal to go in full time. Just a few days at the office. Working mostly from home.

The new normal is here. Working from home was reserved for the elite few. Now many are joining in the club. Club freedom? Not so much. A job is still a job if a boss is still around and calling the shots. It’s still a rat race with minimal distance to cover.

Strangely. I still see the crowd inching it’s way back. The subways are crowded, also the buses. Masks are no longer permitted in certain instances. Where there are restrictions, it is not enforced. You do wear them or you don’t. Now they are lifting the ban on wearing masks at Broadway Theatres. They(Broadway) are also on the come back trail. In general, easing restrictions on the wearing of masks tend to put hope in the people that the pandemic is no longer a threat. Are we out of the woods as yet? In my opinion, not in the least.

I usually take a certain bus to New Jersey from New York. That bus was literally empty during the pandemic. Now it’s always full to capacity. Even the roads are congested nowadays. Since people are travelling to work more by car or by bus, this led to this.

Am I happy that the covid pandemic is coming to closure. Yes. Not too happy about the city coming back to the rush-rush. Unfortunately, I can’t have it both ways.

Now that my job hours are now been reduced and my work days are different from many, I am able to see more and do more. I am able to watch where others are going. Moving against the crowd is much better than moving with the crowd. I can remember the frustration of travelling everyday during rush hour and with angry people. The looks on their faces were the look of disgust. The looks of why-me?, the looks of pain and exhaustion. Especially on Mondays.. Then comes Friday and the rush to get home to the short weekends. Nonetheless, temporary freedom.

Now that working from home is a blessing for most, the stress from travelling to and from work can be reduced. The stress of face to face gossiping can be reduce. Not sure if dragging each other down will ever go away entirely since money rules and with promotion, it normally increase one’s worth. Stepping on one’s toes stir the pot nicely. Let me rephrase what I wrote earlier. The rat race is more of a marathon rather than a sprint in this sense. It’s long distance pain and torture.

The only solution to this madness is not to work from home, it is to work from home for yourself and not for a boss. I’ve had years of experience working for me and the boss. Let me say this nicely. The boss will have to go permanently. I will never fire myself. The rat race is on forever. Whether you win the race or not, the prize will come at a price. Your freedom.

Thanks for reading



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