In The Mood….

Ok. So what are you in the mood for? As for myself, it’s depending on various factors. It may be the time of day or the weather, how much spending money I have on hand, if I had something to eat or my mental state of mind. maybe you are in the mood for love, simple because you were near someone. As I was writing this, I was in the mood for some chicken. Popeyes came to mind, simple because they were near me.

So I’m going to share my thoughts on how I’m doing online and what gotten me here in the first place. The mood I was in when I got here will not be given.. since I don’t recall the mental state I was in at the time. So please read to the very end.

In The Mood…for Big Online Presence

What started out as being on Social Media and posting almost daily, led me to start doing work online. I believe I already had the experience of posting and sharing my thoughts. Why not continue to do the same by sharing opportunity to everyone. One thing led to another…then blogging was born.

In The Mood…for Strategies

First came the vision. Afterwards the strategy. I had to have a plan and become committed to it. I had to think about scheduling my time between the job and my life as a whole. Time was the essential part of my routine. Putting in a good days worth of work that can be counted as being productive.

In The Mood…for Relaxation

Nothing feels better than being able to relax after a long day. Since my job schedule has changed earlier this year, I can now find some quiet time to relax the mind. This does not count as procrastinating. This is giving the mind a rest. This also works well during my walks. Walking is a part of my daily routine

In The Mood…for Fun and Games

I can watch a movie in my spare time. Why not. I love the movies online, on air and at the theatre. Action movies or comedy put my mind in a place of euphoria. I can play a game or two online. Whether it be role play or mind bending games, it keeps me active and my brains active as well.

In The Mood…for Eating

I’m not a foodie but I love to eat. I need to cut down on eating junk food even though they are my comfort and joy. Good. I said cut down not give up on them. Comfort foods put me in the mood to be more productive. Don’t judge me. I love certain fruits and vegetables as well. Comfort foods can be just as good as rewards for being productive as well. A celebratory mood indeed.

In The Mood…for Taking Surveys

I admit surveys are a bore. Some are long and cumbersome. The facts still remains. Surveys are the money wells in your online business. Some are short and easy to take. I found and love the ones that gives you credit whether you complete them or not. So I will take a few each week as necessary. Well you guessed it. I have to really be in the mood to take them.

In The Mood…for Procrastinating?

Ok I admit. I do less some days than others. But I will eventually do something of course. This is not the same as procrastinating. I will explain this concept further later on in my writing.

In The Mood…for Cashing Out

This really is a moody but rewarding way to put that money in your pockets. This requires some work indeed since the money is already available to cash out as you may have already known. This requires some planning on when you will cash out since some platforms have thresholds on when to cash out. As I said, this is a moody task. It becomes more moody if you have a big presence online with multiple sources of income all ready and waiting to give you some cash. Chick-ching.

In The Mood..for Blogging

Blogging 101: The first rule is to blog regularly and create an audience. Your audience don’t care about your state of mind. They want your contents now and on time. I can say this. I’m always on time with my contents. Well, not directly on time but on schedule..weekly. I admit. Sometimes it may take a while before I come on with new contents. At times, at the last minute then it’s a rush to finish. As I said, your audience don’t care, rush or not. They are looking for your scheduled contents so bring it on. I enjoy blogging and it’s a major part of my online routine.

Above all these is Big Presence Online. My sole reason is simple. The bigger you build is the better the opportunity. You can choose where you work or not work. Build different sources to make money. Some residual and others manual. You can choose how much time you put into them…make them as one unit working in conjunction with each other. Where one or more slackens the others will fill in. Don’t forget that some platforms can be closed from time to time. The others will then pick up the pieces.

On Procrastination. This is where your residual income platforms keep on going while you go about your business or doing nothing.

To your success



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